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Bringing together interdisciplinary research on the human voice.

Your voice is unique and isn't just a tool for communication. It's a reflection of who you are and it affects how you navigate the world. From the intricate patterns of speech to the emotive power of singing, the uniqueness of every voice deserves to be understood and celebrated.

In a world where AI voice technology is rapidly advancing, there's a growing concern that the focus on optimising for the 'average' voice is leaving some individuals behind. But here at YorVoice, we believe there's a better way.

Based at York, we lead radical interdisciplinary voice research. Our goal is to understand the nuances of individual vocal differences and explore how they impact daily life, by bringing together excellent researchers and non-academic partners.

Unlike traditional voice research, our approach is holistic and inclusive. We're not just interested in the 'average' voice – we're passionate about understanding and embracing the full spectrum of human voices.

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Interdisciplinary projects focusing on key impact themes of social justice, technology, pedagogy, performance and health.


Shared community of practice for voice researchers across the University including regular events, shared resources and peer support.


Long-term strategy for voice research at York including capacity building, developing external partnerships and securing ongoing funding.

Project highlights

Voice Rights of the individual

Exploring legal and ethical implications of voice deep fakes and developing frameworks to protect voice personality rights.

Perception of atypical voices

Exploring the influence of atypical voice features on perception and communication in high-stakes scenarios.

Breathing for Speech app

Integrated app for personalised speech therapy consultation, gamified exercises, and enhanced at-home engagement in breathing-habit improvement.

Self-perception of Singing Voice

Enriching lives by developing interventions that boost singing confidence and overall well-being.

Vocal authenticity

A documentary exploration of marginalised communities' voice journeys through community arts, investigating the impact of performance activities on identity, confidence, and well-being.

“Your voice uniquely shapes how you move through the world. Humans produce and perceive complex vocal patterns in speech and singing. But as AI voice technology grows and focuses on optimising performance for the ‘average’, some individuals are being left behind.” 

Amelia Gully and Sophie Meekings

Our team

YorVoice brings together a diverse range of researchers with track records of excellence in voice-related research.

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