Sparks is an ambitious research programme linked to our vision as a University for Public Good.

In 2023, we launched the Sparks programme, a dynamic initiative designed to empower our researchers to lead two-year projects of their own creation. Sparks is all about ambition, focusing on cultivating research areas with potential across societal, cultural, economic and environmental landscapes, while maintaining a foundation of excellence in research.

Sparks is more than just individual researchers; it's about fostering vibrant, inclusive research communities within our University. Each project serves as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing together diverse perspectives and smaller projects that collectively contribute to the overarching goals of the Spark.

Aligned with our bold University strategy, which champions a vision of a University for Public Good, Sparks embodies our commitment to push boundaries in research. Through Sparks, we're investing in nurturing new ideas and fostering collaborations that translate into innovative, impactful research, ultimately benefiting people, communities and society as a whole. 

In July 2023, we carefully selected three Sparks projects to spearhead our mission of innovation and impactful research.