The ETL is  focused on ensuring science and technology meet the real needs of people, enabling them to better address the challenges or opportunities that are important in their everyday lives.

We bring together a large cohort of engineers and scientists who possess deep disciplinary expertise and who are innovators of a wide range of technologies.

These experts are also trained in ways of working closely with potential technology end-users, allowing them to collaboratively design new technologies that can help solve problems that are particularly important to people in different situations. 

Our work is primarily focused on developing technologies with individuals and groups who routinely feel that they are not benefiting from progress in science and technology. For example:

  • we have worked with international development organisations and village communities to co-develop technology to monitor local water quality
  • we have linked small-scale farmers with technology developers to help identify technological solutions to resolve their specific challenges, and
  • we have collaborated with patients, patient groups and healthcare charities interested in the impact of home-health monitoring.

If you or your community are interested in finding out more, then please contact us to discuss how the ETL can work with you to develop technological solutions to your particular problems.