The ETL is looking to collaborate with technology developers who are motivated by exploring new approaches to applying innovation for social good.

We are able to provide a range of services to support your work, including the development of co-design processes that are inclusive of hard-to-reach groups; facilitation of workshops that bring together disciplinary experts, end users and wider stakeholders; and analysis of how new technologies generate outcomes - both those that are expected and those that are potentially undesirable - in different parts of society.

We recognise that too often the benefits of technology do not accrue evenly across society, and that innovations can end up replicating or deepening existing societal inequalities. In response, we have developed an approach that can support the production of new technologies that appropriately address end-user priorities, have societal support and trust, are more likely to help overcome drivers of exclusion and vulnerability, and are tuned for wide-scale implementation - all of which we believe will help drive business growth. 

We achieve this through offering a suite of deliberative, co-production activities that draw in cross-sector expertise as required by the challenge area and context.

Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions that reflect the diversity of needs and experiences found in end-user communities, and to support forms of technology translation that support rapid and widespread adoption.

The ETL is positioned to support a wide range of hardware, software and wetware technologies and at a range of technology maturity from TRL2 to TRL7. 

If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact us and we can discuss the forms of advice, support or partnership that ETL may be able offer.