The ETL is looking to work with researchers in interdisciplinary projects that will help rethink innovation.

The starting point for our work is an understanding that, if the potential for equitable benefit from innovation is to be realised, it is inadequate to consider science and technology in isolation from the setting in which it is developed and is to be applied.

Building on this insight, we aim to bring together scientists, engineers, social scientists and arts and humanities scholars to transform how we think about, design and translate technology.

Through practical, challenge-oriented research we will investigate ways of working together that integrate stakeholders into the innovation process as equitable partners, and anchor innovation in an understanding of the historically situated, social, political and economic context within which technology is developed and will be used. 

Our intention is that this will lead to new knowledge in how to co-develop technology that addresses end-user needs and aligns with their context, allowing us to deliver new solutions that are both social and technical - that is to say, incorporating both technical design and institutional arrangements.

In the process we will develop new insights that can be tested in future projects - producing both conceptual and methodological advances. Our goal is not only to deliver impactful equitable technology solutions, but also to establish a new field of applied academic research that crosses disciplinary boundaries and will transform how we understand and undertake technology development.

If you are interested in finding out more, then please contact us to discuss how the ETL can support your own challenge-oriented research or to explore ways in which your expertise can help understand and transform equitable innovation.