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Study Abroad

Studying or working abroad during your degree is a life-changing experience that can boost your self-confidence, independence and ambition. It also broadens your cultural and social perspectives, develops language skills and significantly increases your employability in the global jobs market.

Year Abroad

The Department of Physics offers an integrated Year Abroad programme alongside all of our Physics program. The Year Abroad programme involves spending a full year at one of our partner institutions. Students will spend the first two years in York studying the core physics courses and attend language modules as part of the Languages For All (LFA) scheme, offered at both intermediate and advanced level. 

There are a variety of destinations where you can spend your year abroad.

Degree Course

Degree CourseMPhysBSc
Physics with a Year Abroad F305 F302
Theoretical Physics with a Year Abroad F348 F347
Physics with Astrophysics with a Year Abroad F3F8 F3F7
Physics with Philosophy with a Year Abroad - F3N7
Mathematics and Physics with a Year Abroad - GFD3

Worldwide Exchange Programme

The Centre for Global Programmes offers a structures worldwide exchange programme where students can study up to one year at a partner university overseas with full academic recognition. The University has links with top institutions in North America, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

Studying abroad through this programme gives you the opportunity to experience different academic and social cultures without extending the length of your degree at York. Undergraduate exchanges are open to any undergraduates across all University departments and are determined by a University wide application scheme.

Any questions?

If you have any queries concerning studying abroad, please contact

Year in Europe Coordinator: Dr Jing Wu

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‌For further information on studying abroad please see the Centre for Global Programmes webpages

Physics Exchange Student Holly, Grand Canyon"I packed more into my year abroad than I thought was possible."

- Holly, Third Year Student