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Features: 2016

In Pictures: 2016 highlights

Posted on Sunday 18 December 2016

It has been a busy and exciting year for research and events at York, so we are taking a look back at a few of the highlights. From whales and elephants, to silent Shakespeare plays and Tim Peake, our researchers have made fascinating discoveries and taken part in many public engagement events. View a selection of our most popular stories of 2016 here and visit our news pages for more:

Spotlight: ‘Tis the season to celebrate medieval colours

Posted on Friday 16 December 2016

Madeline Salzman, a Master’s student at the University of York’s Centre for Medieval Studies, discusses how the colour red became a focus of festive celebrations.

In Pictures: The ‘outdoor lab’ that sheds new light on creation of ancient artefacts

Posted on Thursday 1 December 2016

It has been a busy year for the York Experimental Archaeological Research (YEAR) Centre, with a diverse range of experiments, including the manufacture of Mesolithic headdresses, making and shooting bows from arrows, and replicating the cooking of ancient foods in clay pots!

Five things you should know about a supermoon

Posted on Monday 14 November 2016

The University of York’s Astronomy and Space Science Outreach Support Officer, Adam Shore, outlines the top five things we should know about the November 2016 supermoon.

Five things about Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

Posted on Tuesday 8 November 2016

Indian music legend, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, performed at the University of York's Scenic Stage alongside Tabla musician Gurdain Rayatt on Monday, 7 November.

In Pictures: Tackling contaminated waters in Vanuatu

Posted on Friday 4 November 2016

In the tropical climate of the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu, rural communities are coming to terms with one of the biggest natural disasters in its history. Cyclones are not uncommon to the region, but Tropical Cyclone Pam, which hit the island in 2015, resulted in unprecedented damage and injuries.

Watch out this Halloween for a monster celebrating its 200th birthday

Posted on Thursday 27 October 2016

If you are taking part in trick-or-treating this Halloween, you are bound to bump into a very familiar monster representing a character that has captured people’s imaginations for 200 years. PhD student, Anna Mercer, tells us more about the 'waking dreams' that inspired a literary masterpiece.

Iceland’s glacier landscape comes top in environment photo competition

Posted on Tuesday 18 October 2016

To celebrate the opening of the University of York’s new Department of Environment Building and its season of public lectures, researchers opened a photography competition for staff and students with the aim of capturing some of the world’s most striking landscapes, animals, and global communities.

In Pictures: Survival of ancient fishing practices on Brazilian coast

Posted on Tuesday 23 August 2016

Archaeologists at the University of York, supported by Newton funding, have been working with coastal communities in Brazil to understand how they are using pre-Columbian fishing practices to sustain their way of life.

In Pictures: The changing landscapes of East Africa

Posted on Friday 19 August 2016

The fast emerging economies of East Africa are changing land use across the region with significant impacts on stores of carbon and water flows. Areas of agricultural wealth, varied wildlife, and cultural heritage, are evolving rapidly and in some cases cease to exist.

Spotlight: The literary collaboration that unleashed a monster

Posted on Thursday 18 August 2016

PhD student Anna Mercer, from the University of York’s Department of English and Related Literature, discusses the evidence behind one of the most intriguing creative collaborations of the past two centuries.

Fly like a bird or grow a virtual plant with York Interactive Media students

Posted on Wednesday 17 August 2016

Students studying Interactive Media at the University of York have showcased new digital games, based on Leap Motion technology, at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television’s Luma Festival.

Turkey’s coup nightmare

Posted on Friday 22 July 2016

Professor Gulcin Ozkan reflects on recent events in Turkey.

Question Time comes from York tonight

Posted on Thursday 16 June 2016

York hosts Question Time, BBC One’s political debate programme, on Thursday 16 June.