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Students with lower A Levels from poorly performing schools do just as well on medical degrees

Posted on Thursday 24 May 2018

Students from some of England’s worst performing secondary schools who enrol on medical degrees with lower A Level grades, on average, do at least as well as their peers from top performing schools, a new study has revealed.

Yorkshire food manufacturing could be improved by harnessing waste products

Posted on Tuesday 22 May 2018

Researchers have found that 300,000 tonnes of food manufacturing waste is discarded in Yorkshire and the Humber each year, much of which could be used to contribute to the sustainable manufacturing of a variety of products.

Seduction: An industry selling men and women short

Posted on Tuesday 22 May 2018

An industry training men in the art of seduction – estimated to be worth $100 million USD – encourages its clients to treat women and themselves as commodities in a sexual marketplace, a new study has found.

Open lectures


Archbishop Wulfstan and the Peace of God

This lecture takes a new look at the preaching of Archbishop Wulfstan of York and sets it in the context of the contemporary continental movement, the Peace of God


Caliphs, Popes and Gold: Money and long-distance connections in the Early Middle Ages

This talk looks at how money created a series of cultural interconnections which bound Anglo-Saxon England to the rest of mainland Europe and, ultimately, to the Muslim world


Advanced neuroimaging of pain, analgesia and anaesthesia induced altered states of consciousness

A stimulating and enlightening lecture on how the human brain responds to pain, pain relief and anaesthesia

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