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In these features, we highlight some of the diverse work being undertaken at the University.

Researchers unravel secrets of medieval life up North

Posted on Monday 4 February 2019

A nun who faked her own death, an archbishop who went into battle with an army of clergymen, and why being a priest was the most dangerous job of the Middle Ages: these are just some of the stories beginning to emerge from fourteenth-century records held in the University of York’s archives.

Three days of Christmas on the Western Front

Posted on Friday 21 December 2018

Previously unseen letters and doodles from an officer on the Western Front reveal a compelling and ultimately tragic story of life on the front line over three Christmases.

Review of the Year: Five things we learned in 2018

Posted on Thursday 20 December 2018

The University of York has generated meaningful expert reaction to our changing times in 2018, as well as thought-provoking research about the challenges facing the environment, global health, and culture. Here are some highlights of the fascinating things we have learned from York researchers in 2018.

Gunpowder, treason, and plot: Three things to remember on 5th November

Posted on Friday 2 November 2018

Experts at the University of York comment on the famous gunpowder plot of 1605 - the characters, the politics, and the brutality of the times:

Four monster facts for a spooky Halloween

Posted on Friday 26 October 2018

Ever wondered about the secrets and inspirations behind the creation of some of our most beloved and terrifying Halloween monsters? Researchers at the University of York share their insights into the makings of some of the world's more memorable Halloween characters.

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