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In these features, we highlight some of the diverse work being undertaken at the University.

Endgame - the movie event of the year?

Posted on Tuesday 23 April 2019

As reviews for Marvel’s Endgame movie start to make headlines, an expert in television and film at the University of York’s Department of Theatre, Television and Film discusses what makes the Marvel Cinematic Universe so special.

Need for social skills helped shape modern human face

Posted on Monday 15 April 2019

The modern human face is distinctively different to that of our near relatives and now researchers believe its evolution may have been partly driven by our need for good social skills.

Game of Thrones: Fictional history or pure fantasy?

Posted on Friday 12 April 2019

An expert in late medieval literature at the University of York comments on the blend of fictional history and fantasy in George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones, as the television adaptation of the books reaches its final series.

International Children’s Book Day: The codex kids - how children’s stories are keeping books alive

Posted on Tuesday 2 April 2019

Professor Helen Smith, from the University of York's Department of English and Related Literature, comments on how children's books continue to inspire adults and young people to keep reading.

Conflict over Kashmir: A web of complicity

Posted on Thursday 14 March 2019

Dr Indrajit Roy, expert in the politics of the Global South, and Zahid Ullah, a PhD student studying violent extremism in Pakistan, both from the University of York's Department of Politics, discuss the reasons behind the recent escalation in hostilities over Kashmir and what this means for the future of international relations in India and Pakistan.

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