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Features: 2017

Review of the Year: Five things we learned in 2017

Posted on Thursday 21 December 2017

It has been a busy year for research at the University of York, with our stories making headlines around the world. Here are highlights from five topics and some of the amazing things we have learned from our researchers in 2017:

Take a look inside the archives on International Digital Preservation Day

Posted on Thursday 30 November 2017

International Digital Preservation Day, the first celebration of significant collections preserved as digital materials, is bringing together experts and institutions across the world to raise the profile of digital preservation archives.

World Mental Health Day: Five things on the benefits of a good night’s sleep

Posted on Tuesday 3 October 2017

With a state-of-the-art, three bedroom sleep laboratory, researchers at the University of York use a combination of experimental psychology, cognitive neuroscience and neurophysiology to understand what happens in the brain when we sleep.

Five things we learnt on Peru’s National Alpaca Day

Posted on Tuesday 1 August 2017

Since 2012, 1 August has been National Alpaca Day in Peru. Initiated by the Peruvian government to promote sales of alpaca products, Alpaca Day is widely celebrated across Peru and comprises a range of activities, from alpaca judging to alpaca parades and wool spinning competitions.

In Pictures: Tackling the challenges of teacher selection in Malawi

Posted on Friday 28 July 2017

A team at the University of York's Department of Education have developed situational judgment tests (SJTs) for selecting teaching candidates in Malawi schools. The test requires candidates to make judgments about optimal behaviours in realistic school scenarios.

The Trial: Digital evidence excesses

Posted on Wednesday 24 May 2017

Angus Marshall, Lecturer in Cybersecurity at the University of York’s Department of Computer Science, discusses his work as a Forensic Advisor on Channel 4's The Trial: A Murder in the Family, and the difficulties surrounding an abundance of digital evidence in today's criminal investigations:

Spotlight: Old Norse brings us back to our Viking roots

Posted on Wednesday 12 April 2017

Old Norse has been brought back to life by a team of PhD students at the University of York through the voices of new animatronic Viking characters at the world-famous JORVIK Viking Centre.

In Pictures: Future of world heritage site depends on understanding the past

Posted on Monday 13 March 2017

The Konso Cultural Landscape, Ethiopia, consists of 200 km2 of stone walled terraces and fortified settlements. Designated as an UNESCO world heritage site in 2011, it provides a 600 year-old example of how human beings adapted to a dry and unforgiving environment.

Beauty and the Beast remake: A traditional tale with a modern twist

Posted on Monday 13 March 2017

Dr Clementine Beauvais, from the University of York's Department of Education, discusses bringing Disney's classic tale, Beauty and the Beast, back to the big screen in a live-action remake featuring a more modern-day Belle:

World Book Day: Children’s literature characters to the rescue

Posted on Wednesday 1 March 2017

To celebrate World Book Day 2017, we asked children’s author and lecturer at the University of York’s Department of Education, Dr Clementine Beauvais, to nominate her top five children’s literary characters. She writes here about heroic characters, written by authors from across Europe, who have the ‘supernatural’ ability to make the world a better place:

Spotlight: Crime in the media spotlight as ITV's Broadchurch returns

Posted on Monday 27 February 2017

Rosie Smith, YorkTalks PhD student competition winner, from the Department of Sociology, is investigating media archives of high profile criminal cases to understand the public’s role in criminal justice and whether trials should be televised. She talks here about the link between media, community, and criminal justice, following the return of ITV’s crime drama, Broadchurch: