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mstrc Listening Lab

Room with a high quality sound reproduction setup. This dedicated facility is used to conduct music psychological listening experiments that involve the measurement of various participant data including psychophysiological responses (EDA, HR, EMG, MoCap, etc.).

Audience Response System

With our unique mobile Audience Response System, we can record psychological and physiological responses from up to 45 people in parallel. It can be used for various research projects that aim to assess peripheral nervous system activations and motion capture.

It is able to capture the following signals and response data:

  • Continuous and retrospective ratings on iPads that are administered by a Mobile Device Management system (MDM)
  • Electrodermal Activity (e.g. Skin Conductance Level and Skin Conductance Response)
  • Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) (e.g. Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Vasoconstriction via Blood Volume Amplitude)
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) (e.g. Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability)
  • Electromyography (EMG) (e.g. expressive facial muscle activations)
  • Motion capture with 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gryroscope, 3-axis magnetometer, and altimeter


Trevor Jones Studio

The Trevor Jones Studio is housed in the at the Department of Music, along with the Trevor Jones Live Room, the RVW Studio and the Rymer Auditorium.

The Trevor Jones Studio (named after the film composer who is a department alumnus and contributed to the studio building cost) is centred around a brand new SSL Duality console, which offers high quality analogue signal paths and processing as well as integrated control of digital editing and recording systems. The studio has been designed to establish a supportive environment for an active community of researchers and artists and to support and develop contemporary creative work of international significance.

Rymer Auditorium

The Rymer Auditorium is one of the best listening spaces for reproduced sound in the United Kingdom.

It is a well-appointed performance space designed for experimentation, research, and performance. It is equipped with an in-house 5.1 Genelec surround sound system and a 16 speaker ambisonic rig that are used for research and the performance contemporary electronic music and sound art, along with performances from a variety of musical traditions. The Rymer is connected to the control room of the Trevor Jones Recording Studio and can be used for recording.

The hall has a unique acoustic and is built on separate foundations from the other areas of the building. It is constructed to prevent external noise from entering the space, and performs to a PNC specification better than the PNC 15 standard. The room is built to give the best possible frequency response. It can be used in conjunction with the other spaces for research and recording projects. The Rymer also contains suspension systems to mount large numbers of surround sound loudspeakers.

The auditorium has a full-wall HD projection screen and houses a Fazioli grand piano.

The Lyons Studio

The Lyons Studio comprises of three audio workstations which can cover any aspect of composing, recording and mastering audio and video.

There is also a direct link into the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, which allows student concerts and performances to be recorded.

The frequency response of the studio has been calibrated to give an even and flat result across the audio spectrum allowing for accurate and detailed editing and mastering of works.

Performance venues

The Department of Music has three large performances spaces on campus: the Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, the Arthur Sykes Rymer Auditorium, and Central Hall. In addition, our ensembles often perform at other venues in the city of York.

Other resources at the Department of Music

In addition to the resources housed at the mstrc, researchers and staff have access to the Department of Music’s extensive range of instruments, studio equipment, scores, and recordings.