YMPG Colloquium

The York Music Psychology Group meet on a weekly basis in term time in the Music Department at The University of York. These sessions are open to all and include journal club discussions of recently published research, talks given by external, guest speakers from the field and presentations of current research being proposed and conducted by members. A timetable for these events can be found below or for further information on any of the sessions please contact hauke.egermann@york.ac.uk

We also have 

Date Time Week Topic Presenter
01.10.19 14:00 1 Induction  
*09.10.19 16:00 2 How do people listen to music in the digital age? Explaining the Audio Repertoires of the German normal population and their change during the advent of music streaming services Dr Steffen Lepa (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)
*11.10.19 16:30 2 The Role of Singing Accuracy and Imagery Self-Report in Auditory Imagery Tasks Prof Andrea R. Halpern, Bucknell University
15.10.19 14:00 3 TBC Dr. Hauke Egermann
*16.10.19 16:00 3 The brain that learns to sing and is changed by it Dr Boris Alexander Kleber, Aarhus University (Denmark)
22.10.19 14:00 4 Testing the influence of intra-audience interaction on emotional responses to a live classical concert Mimi O'Neill
29.10.19 14:00 5 Music, Temperament, and Emotion Induction Firat Altun
05.11.19 14:00 6    
**07.11.19 10:00 - 17:00 6 Northern Network of Empirical Musicology meeting in Leeds  
12.11.19 14:00 7 How music affects dream content Charlotte Durham
19.11.19 14:00 8 TBC Menglan Lyu
26.11.19 14:00 9 Music Science and Technology Research Centre forum  
03.11.19 14:00 10 TBC Hannah Gibbs

* This is part of the music department research seminar series.

** This is an external event.