The Music, Science and Technology Research Cluster (MSTRC) at the Department of Music comprises an international and interdisciplinary community of staff and research students working in areas across music, science and technology.

The Research Cluster aims to:

  • Study music perception and cognition, musical behaviour and music experience using scientific methods and emerging technologies
  • Develop technology for musical application based on the integration of artistic, scientific and engineering knowledge
  • Study the application of technology in music composition, performance, recording, reproduction, dissemination and consumption
  • Critically examine the interactions between technology, culture, business, and creativity

The Research Cluster provides with outstanding facilities, a seminar series, a supportive community of interdisciplinary researchers, and a thriving environment that benefits from the broader musical activities of the department. The MSTRC continuously interacts and collaborates with other research clusters at the Department of Music, other Departments at the University of York, and other institutions internationally.

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