PhD Projects

Prospective students are warmly invited to email staff to discuss potential projects, so that we can ensure the best fit between staff and students.

Information about the application process and funding opportunities can be found on the postgraduate study page.

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Staff supervising projects in mathematical biology and chemistry are:

  • Professor Martin Bees
  • I am looking for excellent PhD students and Postdoctoral Research Fellows. The following projects, which may allow for experimental as well as theoretical work, are a guide only and can be adjusted to suit the applicant: Hydrodynamic interactions of swimming micro-organisms - from individual to bioconvection; Optimisation of algal products; Morphological analysis of patterns; Novel techniques for visualization of microorganisms; Ecology of plankton patchiness; Biological control of agricultural pests; Chemically induced hydrodynamic instabilities; Medical mathematics.    
  • Dr Konstantin Ilin
  • Projects available in the following areas; Hydrodynamic stability for nearly inviscid flows through domains with permeable boundry and Mean effects of high frequency vibrations of small amplitude in fluids and plasma.
  • Dr Julie Wilson
  • PhD research projects I supervise tend to be interdisciplinary and involve developing new methods to extract useful information from biological or chemical data.
  • Dr Andrew (Jamie) Wood 
  • I am always interested in receiving applications from students wishing to apply computational and mathematical techniques to interesting problems.