PhD Projects

Prospective students are warmly invited to email staff to discuss potential projects, so that we can ensure the best fit between staff and students.

Information about the application process and funding opportunities can be found on the postgraduate study page.

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Staff supervising projects in geometry and analysis are:

  • Dr Micheal Bate - I am interested in the structure, representations and invariant theory of linear algebraic groups, especially over fields of positive characteristic. My projects will suit students with a strong algebraic background.
  • Dr Zaq Coelho - Interplay between Probability Theory and Dynamical Systems, which is commonly known as Ergodic Theory. Deciding which measure(s) best describes the chaotic behaviour of the trajectories of a dynamical system is one of the scopes of Ergodic Theory
  • Dr Christian Litterer - My main interests are in the area of rough paths and their applications to the problems arising in stochastic and numerical analysis. 
  • Dr Ian McIntosh - Minimal surfaces and harmonic maps from surfaces into symmetric spaces.  In particular, moduli spaces of minimal surfaces studied via HIggs bundles, and the application of minimal surface theory to the problem of parameterising "good" representations of a surface group (fundamental group of a surface) into non-compact simple Lie groups.
  • Dr Graeme Wilkin - I am interested in the topology and geometry of moduli spaces that arise in gauge theory, such as moduli spaces of Higgs bundles and quiver varieties. These spaces have a very rich structure and a number of surprising connections to other areas of mathematics and physics, such as mirror symmetry, Geometric Langlands and representations of quantum affine algebras.

Projects in analysis are also offered by members of the Mathematical Finance and Stochastic Analysis Research Group.

Projects of a geometric flavour are also offered by Eli Hawkins (Mathematical Physics and Quantum Information)