PhD Projects

Prospective students are warmly invited to email staff to discuss potential projects, so that we can ensure the best fit between staff and students.

Information about the application process and funding opportunities can be found on the postgraduate study page.

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Staff supervising projects in algebra are:

  • Dr Michael Bate
  • Michael is interested in the structure, representations and invariant theory of linear algebraic groups, especially over fields of positive characteristic. His projects will suit students with a strong algebraic background.
  • Dr Emilie Dufresne
  • Invariant theory of algebraic groups in arbitrary characteristic; separating invariants for its own sake, but also as a mean to understand the invariant theory of non-reductive groups; applications of invariant theory and commutative algebra; non-dimensionalization, structural identifiability and reparametrization of ODE models with time-series or steady-state data.
  • Dr Brent Everitt Homological methods in algebra; partial symmetry; representation theory; hyperbolic manifolds.
  • Dr Haralampos Geranios
  • Representation theory and cohomology of algebraic groups and related objects including quantum groups, symmetric groups, Schur algebras and Hecke algebras.
  • Professor Victoria Gould
  • Algebraic semigroup theory, focussing on a number of inter-related areas: the theory of S -acts over a monoid S; structure theory for semigroups; semigroups of quotients; endomorphism monoids of certain universal algebras; and the model theory of S-acts and semigroups.
  • Professor Maxim Nazarov
  • Algebraic and combinatorial aspects of the representation theory of quantum affine algebras, including applications to quantum integrable systems.

Projects of an algebraic nature are also offered by Eli Hawkins (Mathematical Physics).