Mathematics of interacting QFT models, 1-5 July 2019

  • Date and time: Monday 1 July 2019, 9.00am
  • Location: Kings Manor, University of York

Event details

Rigorous construction of interacting quantum field theory (QFT) models in 4 spacetime dimensions is one of the biggest challenges of mathematical physics. There are several difficulties that one has to overcome and these are both of conceptual and technical nature. Many decades of research on interacting models in QFT resulted not only in better understanding of the physics involved, but also gave rise to new, interesting mathematics.

The aim of this conference is to bring together experts working on different aspects of interacting QFT to present recent results and discuss perspectives for future directions. The main discussion topics will be:

  • Axiomatic systems for QFT: progress in constructing interacting models.
  • Renormalization: analytic and combinatorial aspects.
  • Infrared problem: progress and perspectives.

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The invited speakers are:

  • Dorothea Bahns*
  • John Barrett
  • Detlev Buchholz
  • Daniela Cadamuro
  • Pierre Clavier
  • Jan Dereziński
  • Paweł Duch
  • Wojciech Dybalski
  • David Evans
  • Chris Fewster
  • Klaus Fredenhagen
  • Jürg Fröhlich*
  • Harald Grosse
  • Eli Hawkins
  • Gandalf Lechner
  • Roberto Longo*
  • Nguyen Viet Dang
  • Sylvie Paycha
  • Karl-Henning Rehren
  • Vincent Rivasseau
  • Alexander Schenkel
  • Rainer Verch*
  • Raimar Wulkenhaar