The 'celebrating mathematicians' concept was born from our work in equality and good practice. We're highlighting prominent mathematicians, both from the UK and around the world.

Featured mathematician

Dr Lassina Dembélé

Dr Lassina Dembélé is an Ivorian-Canadian mathematician and researcher who has made significant contributions to the field of number theory. He is also a dedicated teacher and mentor and our Department had the honour to have him as a guest in April 2023.

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More mathematician heroes:

  • Professor Lewis Fry Richardson
    He was an English mathematician, physicist, meteorologist, psychologist and pacifist. He pioneered modern mathematical techniques of weather forecasting.
  • Professor Caucher Birkar
    A UK-based Iranian Kurdish mathematician and 2018 winner of the Fields Medal for his contributions to algebraic geometry.
  • Dr Nira Chamberlain
    An influential British mathematician and chartered scientist, based in Birmingham.
  • Professor Ingrid Daubechies
    A Belgian physicist and mathematician, and the first woman elected president of the International Mathematical Union.
  • Professor Clifford Johnson
    A US-based scientist, writer and science communicator.
  • Professor Sir Roger Penrose
    An English mathematician, mathematical physicist, philosopher of science and winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • Professor Karen Uhlenbeck
    An American mathematician and a founder of modern geometric analysis.
  • Women in maths
    A list of celebrated women mathematicians compiled as part of the Women in Maths Day celebrations in May 2021.


These are previous mathematician heroes and do not work for the department.

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