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Library Home From Home

Welcome to Library Home From Home. This is our attempt to recreate some of the experience of studying in the Library from your home or halls of residence. If you can’t get to the Library for any reason, we’ll bring the Library atmosphere to you.

This page contains Zoom background images of most areas of the Library, a virtual equivalent of the Feedback Wall next to the turnstiles, and not to mention a two-hour Study With Me video: the sounds of the Library in the evening, filmed on the top floor of the Morrell.

If you can think of anything else we should add to complete the home-from-home experience, get in touch with us via the usual channels, or send us a tweet.

Sounds to help you study

Below is a two-hour uninterrupted ‘study with me’ video for those of you who miss the sound of the Morrell. It was filmed in an evening study slot in November, on the top floor. Because we didn’t want to show anyone in the video in an identifiable way, the camera points towards the window, laptop, notepad and pens - you can make out the shelves and the lights in the reflection of the window.

This is mainly about the sounds, however, rather than the images. People arriving! People leaving! Typing! Writing with a pen! Highlighting things! Pages turning! The bins being emptied! Random beeping and other unexplained library-type noises! At some points you can actually hear the wind whistling outside the third-floor window too. In short, it’s exactly what you would hear if you were here.

People swear by library sounds as an audio backdrop to help them study; try putting this through your speakers and headphones and see if it can help you get some focused work done.

For those of you who want the full immersive experience, there’s a video of climbing the stairs and taking your seat, too!

Zoom backgrounds and Library pics

We've created some pictures of various places in the Library you might have studied. They’re the right proportions to work as a Zoom background, but of course you don’t have to use them for that - use them however you like. The images are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence - in short, you can use them however you like, but if you put them in your social media or elsewhere online, mention the Library as the creator of the pictures.

Four example images

The four examples above give you an idea of the kinds of pictures there are. You can download the images, along with many others, in our Google Drive folder: right-click on any of them and choose 'Download' from near the bottom of the pop-up menu. There are pictures of the Morrell, the Fairhurst and the Burton, or you can use the Library time machine for some images of days gone by as well!

(Got pictures of your own we can share? Send us them via email:

The Feedback Wall

On the right as you go into the Library, before the turnstiles, we have our Feedback Wall. Before the pandemic it was our most popular feedback channel by a long way; every day you’d leave comments, suggestions, praise, criticism and nice messages - for us and your peers - and we’d write replies. Well, now we can do that virtually via the Padlet wall below. Just click anywhere to leave us a comment, and we’ll take your feedback on board.

The feedback doesn’t have to be about Library Home From Home, by the way; you can make suggestions or comments on any aspect of our services.

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