Postal Loans Service

Apply for postal loans or photocopies

When completing this form, please make sure you:

We will post items including books and photocopies out to students who live away from campus and are:

  • On distance learning courses
  • On courses which irregular attendance at the University campus may make it difficult to visit the Library
  • Experiencing difficulties getting to the Library

You can have up to five flexible loans via the Postal Loans Service at any one time.

If the item is on loan, we will request it and send it to you as soon as it is returned to us.

Please note:

  • Postal Loans count towards your normal loan allocation. Before you submit a request, make sure you have not reached your loan limit. Go to your Library Account to check your current loans.
  • Items in the Key Texts Collections or the York Minster Library can't be borrowed via the Postal Loans Service.
  • We don't post books overseas except to Eire.
  • We will post photocopies worldwide.
  • We will scan and email a chapter from a book, or an article from a journal.
  • Loan periods will be shortened if an item is requested by another user.
  • You will be fined on overdue items if they have been requested by someone else.
  • It is your responsibility to check your University email or your Library Account regularly for return date updates and renewal notifications.
  • It is not possible to apply for items by telephone or email due to copyright restrictions.
  • If you need an item that is not held by the library please apply via our Interlending and Document Supply Service, using the Additional Information box to request the item is posted. This service is only available to students on approved distance learning courses.

Charges for postal loans and photocopying

If you are on an online distance learning course, your department may cover the cost of a postal loan and photocopying. You can contact us to see if your department will fund this for you.

If your department doesn't cover the cost of postal loans, you'll need to pay a process fee per item.

  • UK & Eire:
    • £3 for posting books and photocopies
    • £3 for scanning and emailing a chapter or article
  • Overseas:
    • £4 for posting photocopies
    • £3 for scanning and emailing a chapter or article

The process fee will be added to your Library account when an item is sent to you.

Photocopies from journals and books

The Library can provide copies of material that we only have available in print.

If you require material not held by the Library you can use the Interlending option on YorSearch.

Returning postal loan books

To see when your items are due for return check your Library Account on YorSearch. A summary of your loaned items will also be sent to your University email account each Monday.

Return dates will shorten if an item is requested by someone else. You will receive an email stating the new return date if an item on loan to you is requested.

You will be given three or seven days to return the item from the date it was requested.

Further information about returning items, either in person or via post, is available. We recommend that you get proof of postage.

Remember, we charge fines for the late return of requested books, so if you have a problem with returns please contact us as soon as possible:

Requesting a refund of postal charges

You may be eligible for a refund of postal charges if you’re currently on placement and have had to return a book by post as it was requested by another user.

If you think you may qualify, complete the form to request a postal charge refund. You will need to be logged in to your University Google account to access this form.