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Improvements to eduroam wifi setup process

Posted on 15 September 2022

On Tuesday 20 September (between 9am and 5pm) we will be improving the user experience when connecting to the UoY Setup wifi network to configure personal or unmanaged devices for the eduroam wifi network.

The UoY Setup network will be unavailable for a period whilst the work is carried out. Due to the nature of the work, we’re not able to give a precise estimate for the downtime.

Scan the QR code to go to the network setup tool.

UoY Setup will now provide 30 minutes of Internet access to allow you to configure your device. So to configure a device for eduroam while on campus:

  1. Connect to the UoY Setup wifi network
  2. Log in with your University username and password
  3. Most devices (all except Android devices) will then be redirected to the wifi setup page. On Android devices you will be instructed to go to (or alternatively, scan the QR code on this page).
  4. Once the setup is complete, the device will automatically connect to eduroam.

This method should only be used to configure personal and unmanaged devices for eduroam - not University managed devices.

If your device is already working on eduroam, you don't need to set it up again.

The default setup tool used by UoY Setup will be the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool. If your device has mobile data access (or you are connected to another wifi network - eg your home wifi) you can configure your device for eduroam by going directly to this tool:

We have updated our web pages in preparation for this change. Further information on connecting to eduroam can be found on our web pages:

The setup process for the wired network has not changed. More information on this can be found on our web pages: