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Software Center upgrade

Posted on 30 January 2018

We are upgrading the Software Center on Wednesday 7 February.

After the update the Software Center will open and operate in the same way as before but the new version of the system has some significant user interface changes which are detailed below.

Software Center appearance

This image shows what the new version of the Software Center looks like:

The New Software Center's homepage

Changes to tabs

The updated Software Center will have separate tabs for Applications, Updates and Operating Systems making it easier to know what is available to install. The Options tab remains the same.

There is also a new tab called Device Compliance. System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) uses this to check that software configurations on your PC are working properly. It will attempt to fix anything incorrect and will flag for attention anything it cannot fix. Standard users will not need to use this tab; it is mainly for IT Services support staff to use when diagnosing issues.

Application icons

Application icons are larger so we have replaced existing icon files with higher resolution versions in place of the old, low-res images. The option to show the applications in a list view is available in the top right underneath the search bar.

Using the Software Center

The Software Center is used to install software onto managed PCs. Find full details about how to access and use the system on our Installation on managed PCs page.