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Extra security features

Posted on 19 June 2018

From Monday 2 July, we will be rolling out extra security features to managed Windows devices (laptops and office PCs).

Following a successful trial in the Library, Archives, IT Services, Education and Marketing, we are introducing the following desktop security features: 

uBlock Origin

We will install ad-blocking software called uBlock Origin to Google Chrome (and, at a later date, to Firefox). This software helps to protect against the risk of malware from adverts on the web by blocking these adverts from appearing.

If you would rather not use ad-blocking software in Chrome please contact

Malicious file-type redirection

There are certain file types that are often used in the distribution of malware. With our new security features, these files will open in Notepad.exe, so that they’ll just display their code rather than running the malware.

Some of the file types are also used in genuine coding. If you are trying to write and test code but find you can only open the files in Notepad.exe, please get in touch:

Moving from McAfee to SCEP antivirus software

We're replacing McAfee with Microsoft's System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) for antivirus protection. SCEP is the default antivirus software we're rolling out as part of Windows 10, as we begin to phase out McAfee.

Read more about our virus and malware protection

Restart notification

If you don't shut down or restart your PC each day, you will be alerted when a pending update requires a restart. A notification will appear at the bottom right of your screen to let you know that the PC needs to be restarted.

Windows notification which appears when the PC requires a restart to update.

If you see this notification, you should save your work and restart your PC as soon as you can to finish installing the necessary security updates.

The notification will appear one day after your PC has installed a Windows update that requires a restart. If you have still not restarted one week later, the notification will then reappear every three days until you do restart the PC. It will never appear more frequently than every three days.

The notification will not force a restart.

What's happening when?

We're beginning work to implement these features on Monday 2 July.


If you have any queries, please email us: