Connecting to eduroam

Posted on 21 February 2017

On Tuesday 28 February, we are changing the tool that we use to allow you to connect devices to eduroam for the first time.

The current setup tool, Autoconnect, will be replaced with Onboard, which includes an app to guide you through the connection process.

As you normally only need to connect to eduroam once per device, most of you won’t see any immediate changes: there is no need to run the connection again if your phone, laptop, tablet, or other device is already connected.

When you need to connect a new device to eduroam for the first time, you'll see two differences if you're used to Autoconnect:

  • There's a new url:
  • There's a change to the way you enter your username: you won't need to include after your username to install the app, but you will still need to add it to connect to the network

If you have any queries, please email