Some IT facilities at risk: 8-9 April

Posted on 2 March 2017

Electrical work in one of our data centres over the weekend of 8-9 April will mean that some of our systems are at risk.

Estates are carrying out significant electrical work over the weekend of 8/9 April, which will affect one of our data centres. This work includes the installation of a generator, which means that the data centre will be at greatly reduced risk in the event of future power failures.

Although we have more than one data centre, this work nevertheless places systems at risk. We are mitigating this risk by moving or migrating as many services as possible to another data centre in advance of the work. IT Services staff will be present to respond if there are any problems during the work itself.

The following services will be at risk between 7am on Saturday 8 April and 9am on Monday 10 April, but not all will be affected for all of that time. The work itself is planned to take place between 7am and 6pm on Saturday 8 April.

The following services will be unavailable while the work takes place (7am - 6pm on Saturday 8 April):

  • Wired and wifi network connections in the Berrick Saul and Spring Lane buildings will be unavailable during the work on Saturday if the power to the Spring Lane building is switched off
  • Facilities Management services including building management systems and phones in the following buildings:
    • Providence House
    • Derwent E/F/G/H (Study Bedrooms)
    • Yorkshire House
    • Chemistry G
  • The HYMS network connection between the University of York and all other locations
  • teaching0, part of the central Linux service

Our Identity Management System, and other related account management systems, will be unavailable between 5pm on Friday 7 April and 9am on Monday 10 April.

A number of key services will be unavailable while this work takes place:

  • password changing (if your password is due to expire on 8 or 9 April, please change it in advance)
  • creation of temporary and/or non-personal accounts
  • registration of new accounts

The following services will be either at risk, or running at reduced capacity during the work:

  • All filestores will be available but will be running at reduced capacity - this will affect FlexFS, UserFS, databases, the University website, and VMware
  • All network services will be at risk of brief disturbance at the start and end of the work in the data centre

Please avoid scheduling network-reliant activities for this weekend. A weekend date outside term time has been chosen to minimise impact, but if you have any concerns please email