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Inbox by Gmail coming to your York account

Posted on 12 October 2016

Inbox by Gmail gives you a different way to organise your email. It's been available on personal Gmail accounts for over a year, and from Tuesday 18 October it will be available for York accounts.

What is Inbox by Gmail?

It's both an app (available from the Android and App stores) and a website ( It offers a different way to manage your email, including automatic bundling of related emails, quick creation of reminders, and the ability to snooze emails, meaning that they will be hidden and reappear on the date that you choose.

You can enable Inbox by Gmail by downloading the app or signing in with your York account on the Inbox by Gmail web interface. Note that once you've used Inbox by Gmail, if you decide to return to the standard web interface, you will see pop-ups directing you back to Inbox by Gmail. These can be dismissed.

Find out more on Google's own pages:

Support for Inbox by Gmail

If you have problems using Inbox by Gmail, we advise you to use Google's support documentation to resolve the issue. We'll be able to offer some basic support in its use, but Google's standard web interface and mobile apps will remain the recommended and supported route to access your email.

If you have any queries about the rollout of Inbox by Gmail, please email