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The Humanities Research Centre: based in the award-winning Berrick Saul Building

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Sensory Stories - an AHRC funded postgraduate public engagement project

Working with partners in heritage, conservation and the media

Taking our research to the local community

Benozzo di Lese di Sandro Gozzoli, St Augustine Reading the Epistle of St Paul (scene 10, east wall), 1464-65

Developing and hosting major interdisciplinary research projects

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An inspirational place for postgraduate study

A major venue for seminars, public lectures, conferences and debates

The Humanities Research Centre is a beautifully designed space of shared belonging for academics and postgraduates from across York's eight arts and humanities departments. Its vibrant community life provides a stimulating and supportive base for postgraduate study, arts and humanities events and international conferences.  


The University of York has invested more in the arts and humanities in the past decade than any other English university, and the Humanities Research Centre sits at the heart of that investment, providing a spectacular place of interdisciplinary belonging for arts and humanities academics and postgraduates.

But the Humanities Research Centre is much more than a building: it’s a dynamic and inclusive community of those committed to the pursuit of research excellence.

Judith Buchanan, Director

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Poetry, Music, and the Sacred

Alice Goodman and Michael Symmons Roberts in Conversation.


HRC Postgraduate Open Forum

For all York arts and humanities postgraduates


Said's 'Secular Criticism'

Dr Ziad Elmarsafy will chair the second meeting of the ‘Reading and Interpretation’ reading group, looking at Edward Said’s essay ‘Secular Criticism’ from 'The World, the Text, and the Critic'.


Melanie Challenger Poetry Seminar

Centre for Modern Studies postgraduate forum event


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HRC Postgraduate Open Forum

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HRC Doctoral Fellowships 

Nomination deadline Tuesday 10th June