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Administrative staff

General enquiries

For all general enquiries please contact the History Reception, which is located in Vanbrugh, Room V/223. You can email us, or telephone on 01904 322981. (International callers, please dial +44 1904 322981.)

Reception is open to student enquiries between 9.30am and 3.00pm each working day. All administrative staff are available to help with day-to-day organisational matters.

For specific enquiries, please consult the following list and contact the relevant member of staff:

Contact detailsResponsibilities
Caroline Edwards
Departmental Manager
Tel: internal 2980, external (01904) 322980
Vanbrugh College, V/206
  • Financial Management, including post-award research funding
  • Strategic Support for Head of Department
  • Member of Senior Management Group
  • Departmental policies and procedures
  • Secretary to the Research Committee and REF Working Party
  • Deals with HR matters, including recruitment
  • Secretary to the Workload Planning Committee
  • Responsible for physical structure of department

Jessica Adler
Admissions and Events Administrator
Tel: internal 2983, external (01904) 322983
Vanbrugh College, V/242 (Mon-Thur)

  • Manages the annual admissions processes for all students 
  • Supports the recruitment of undergraduate and postgraduate students 
  • Services the Recruitment and Admissions Committee 
  • Organises Departmental events 
  • Assists with conference administration 
  • Liaison with the University's international partners, including visits and exchanges
Carolyn Campbell
Tel: internal 2981, external (01904) 322981
Vanbrugh College, V/223 (9.30 am – 3.00pm)
  • Reception duties
  • Termly Room Bookings; keys for bookable rooms
  • Maintains departmental stationery supplies
  • Maintains general departmental noticeboards
  • Administers feedback
  • Assists with departmental administration

Helen Crevald
Travel and Office Administrator
Tel: internal 4708, external (01904) 324708
Vanbrugh College, V/242 (Wed-Thur)

  • Books travel and accommodation for academic and research staff
  • Maintains the departmental staff database and lists
  • Maintains the archive and its surrounds
  • Maintains and replaces computer hardware
  • Assists with the organisation of conferences and similar events.

Sarah Finch 
Student Services Manager  
Tel: internal 2982, external (01904) 322982 
Vanbrugh College, V/207 

  • Oversight of all administration for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes
  • Management of the Departmental Student Services team
  • Review and planning of student-related administration, to include support for quality-related initiatives, curriculum planning, NSS etc
  • Secretary to the Board of Studies

Kirsty Hanson 
Teaching Data and Student Funding Administrator 
Tel: internal 4708, external (01904) 324708 
Vanbrugh College, V/242 (Mon, Wed and Friday)

  • Collates teaching and staff data to feed into the timetable and the workload plan, to include preparation of the Officers of the Board and the programme books
  • Works with the Chair of the Board of Studies to support the workload planning process
  • Works with the Embedded Timetabler to produce timetables for staff and students
  • Updates module data via the Programme Module Catalogue
  • Administers student funding for internal and external students
  • Provides secretarial support to the EDC and other committees

Tom Metcalfe
Student Experience and Support Officer
Tel: internal 2976, external (01904) 322976
Vanbrugh College, V/109

  • Coordinates the provision of pastoral support to students across the Department of History
  • Provides support to individual students
  • Ensures disability support requirements are in place
  • Contributes to relevant committees such as ECA Committee and the Teaching and Assessment Committee 
  • Contributes to outreach and Widening Participation activities

Carole Nicolson
Postgraduate and IPUP Administrator
Tel: internal 2961, external (01904) 322961
Vanbrugh College, V/242

  • Maintains the postgraduate student records
  • Responds to queries in relation to the administration of the postgraduate programmes of study, including visiting students
  • Administers Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment (ECA) processes, servicing ECA committee for postgraduate students
  • Disability Administrator for Postgraduate research students
  • Secretary to the Graduate School Board
  • Administrator to the Institute for the Public Understanding of the Past (IPUP

Sarah Rubery 
Taught Assessment and Disability Administrator 
Tel: internal 2972, external (01904) 322972
Vanbrugh College, V/242

  • Oversees and administers taught course (UG and PG) assessment and progression
  • Provides administrative support to the Chair of the Examinations Committee
  • Develops and maintains departmental databases related to undergraduate student records
  • Disability Administrator for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

Sue Scott
Undergraduate Administrator
Tel: internal 2969, external (01904) 322969 
Vanbrugh College, V/242
  • Undergraduate administrator (all years), providing administrative support including visiting students and students studying abroad
  • Maintains departmental undergraduate student database
  • GTA administrator
  • Secretary to the Student Support Committee and Student/Staff Forum
  • Administers Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment (ECA) processes, servicing ECA committee for undergraduate students