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From the Schools Outreach Co-ordinator:


Electronic engineering is a subject that few students study at school, yet electronic applications are an integral part of our day to day lives and well qualified engineers are in demand.

Through school outreach activities we hope to raise the profile of electronic engineering and to inspire young people to consider studying it at university or in another setting.

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about what opportunities are available at 

John Bissell, Schools' Outreach Co-ordinator

The Department is committed to widening participation in electronics and engineering among people of all ages. Our foundation year course allows mature students without a background in the field access to our degree programmes and our outreach programme includes events designed for a wide range of audiences.

We’re especially proud of our involvement in events for school children, such as the UKESF Summer School and the IET Faraday Challenge, which provide opportunities to get young students excited about electronics and engineering ─ not something they often get from the school curriculum! These events range in format from students visiting the Department on campus and making use of our specialist equipment to members of the Department running on-site activities in schools.

On these pages you can find information about past and future events, as well as other information for both teachers and school students. ‘Resources for teachers’ has a list of useful links and ideas for implementing engineering into science lessons. Under the 'Information for school students' tab there is information on how to get into engineering, careers in the field, and the work we’re doing to get more young girls involved in the subject.

As well as our outreach events at the University we also welcome visits from individuals, families and small groups. Find out more information here.





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