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Teacher feedback and testimonials

National Centre for Excellence for Languages Teaching (NCELP) was set up in December 2018 to take forward the recommendations of the MFL Pedagogy Review.

Over the course of four years, this work took the form of producing fully worked out curricula, lesson plans, resources and assessment materials, and a full suite of teacher professional development.

Initially the CPD was delivered via Lead Schools to Hub Schools. In the fourth year, NCELP then operated an expanded reach phase, during which time the Course Leaders ran an extensive, national programme of CPD.  

From March 2023, MFL teacher CPD continues to be offered, under Language-Driven Pedagogy.

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MFL teacher and Bromley International Cluster Coordinator, Bullers Wood School Trust, June 2023

“Really fantastic presentation, though I have used Rachel Hawkes SOW and studied it, the presentation was very useful in making the link between the new GCSE and KS2, filling gaps and finding ways. One important aspect of the presentation was the importance of assessment for KS2. I very much enjoyed yet another great presentation. Thank you!”

G Loynds

Teacher of Citizenship, RE and PSHE, June 2023

"As a non languages specialist who has never taught Spanish before, I found the NCELP/Language Driven Pedagogy course and resources extremely easy to use. I feel like the teaching approach that focuses on grammar, phonics and vocabulary rather than themes like ‘holidays’ or ‘the weather’ has allowed my Year 7 students to make more progress, understand more complex sentences and just generally be better at Spanish. The constant referral back to vocabulary that has already been taught in ways which mixes that vocabulary with new learning has been extremely helpful in sequencing learning and making sure that students can connect different words and parts of the language together. I have really enjoyed teaching it and I think that the students have enjoyed it as well."

Katherine Milton

French Teacher and IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Swiss International School Qatar (SISQ), February 2023

“As a language teacher returning to the UK after teaching in international schools for 10 years, the NCELP course has been an essential step in updating and rebuilding my understanding of current language pedagogy. I was hoping to understand the research behind the new curriculum, and come away with practical applications for my classroom and department. Both of these objectives have been successfully met, and I am in a position to share a wealth of research and activities with my department and wider school community.”

Kellie Waterworth

Head of MFL, Brixham College, February 2023

“We had already been using NCELP resources but felt that our progress had been inhibited by COVID so I felt that this CPD course would deepen mine and my team’s understanding of the NCELP approach and allow us to plan our curriculum around NCELP. Although, due to other commitments such as an NPQ, the course has taken me a while to complete, it has been of value as I now feel that we are on the right lines with what we are currently doing and that we can amend the SoWs to suit our own context and curriculum time.”

Miranda Fowler

Head of French, Maidstone Grammar School, January 2023

“An extremely useful opportunity to see the NCELP resources in use in the classroom – I was particularly struck by their French accents in year 9 which were remarkably accurate. Clearly this approach leads to confidence with speaking skills. I also really enjoyed observing a German lesson as a non-speaker and working through the phonics activities. I was able to put myself in the shoes of a student and felt really confident with the sounds by the end of the activity!”

Karen Davey

Deputy Headteacher, The Malling School, January 2023

“Our school recently adopted the NCELP curriculum with year 7 students following a visit and recommendation from Ian Bauckham last year. On behalf of our MFL teachers, students and leadership team I just wanted to pass on our gratitude for the enormous amount of thought and meticulous planning that has gone into the curriculum resources and corresponding CPD.

"Our MFL team have revolutionised their teaching as a result of your programme and training and we have seen students’ progress and motivation improve dramatically in a short space of time. Staff and students are much more enthusiastic about teaching and learning languages again as a result of your programme and how easy it is to deliver, so thank you. We are excited to see how this develops in the future as we embed the course into other year groups.”

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