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Centre for Research in Language Learning and Use

Adam, Mukhtar (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) Exploring the communication difficulties of Sudanese learners of English in Liverpool

Al Hinai, Safa (Supervisor: Khaled El EbyaryEnglish Language Teachers' beliefs towards the Assessment System and its relation to students' achievement in Oman

Al Shuhail, Muneerah (Supervisor: Fatma Said) Effect of learning English as a foreign language on culture, attitudes and identity, specifically gender identity in Saudi Arabia

Al-Abdul Razzaq, Mohammad (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughCeiling effects in adult implicit second language teachers

Alabdulqader, Shirin (Supervisor: Fatma Said) The effect of code-switching among bilingual Saudi students on their identities: social media analysis

Aldossary, Saddah (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Saudi Teachers' attitudes towards using social media for continuing professional development in Saudi Arabia

Algothami, Haifa (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) Language Aptitude, experience and second language pronunciation proficiency development: a comparative study

Alharee, Manal (Supervisor: Khaled El Ebyary) Wiki based collaborative approaches to teaching English writing

Almehaidly, Noura (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaAnalysis of pragmatic content in EFL textbooks used in Saudi Arabia with a particular focus on the treatment of speech acts

Alshehri, Ahmed (Supervisor: ) Investigating Academic English reading and writing strategies using think aloud protocols

Alzahrany, Rana (Supervisor:  ) ESL students and academic writing: the impact of using pen pal letters on ESL students' writing skills and motivation

Arslan, Sermin (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Development of L2 Interactional Competence over time

Baisengirov, Yessentay (Supervisor: Andy CirockiThe Role of In-Service English Language Teachers’ Professional Identity Transformation in Public Secondary Schools and Barriers to overcome throughout the Construction of Teachers’ Professional Identities.

Baizhanov, Yeraly (Supervisor: Formative Assessment in the Kazakhstani Senior High School CLIL Classroom: A Mixed Methods Case Study

Choo, Rui Qi (Supervisor: Marilyn Vihman and Tamar Keren-PortnoyThe role of storybook reading on children's receptive and expressive vocabulary

Ciftci, Ayse (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) The Importance of Learning Heritage Language and Literacy Support for Bilingual Children Language Learning

Cooper, Stewart (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Task-based learning in South Korea: mitigating the effects of motivation and anxiety on second language acquisition

Crellin, Sarah (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Formative assessment: marking and feedback in primary schools with a particular focus on pupil responses

Diao, Linghui (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) The processing and production of subject and object pronouns in English as second language

Fu, Xingyi (Supervisor: Norbert Vanek/Leah Roberts) Investigating the conceptual changes of motion event cognition in advanced Chinese learners of English: a breaking Continuous Flash Suppression study

Ge, Huiting (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyInvestigating the relationship between utterance fluency and learners’ and teachers’ perceptions of fluency

Ghebghoub, Souheyla (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughThe effect of input modality on incidental learning of academic vocabulary: a dual coding based approach to EFL Algerian learners

Hendra, Akbar Nadjar (Supervisor: Heather MarsdenThe acquisition of interlanguage aspect and tense of Idonesian (L1) learner of English (L2) and Japanese (L3)

Hsia, Yen-Wei (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The Effects of Mobile-style Collaborative Inquiry on EFL Undergraduate Students¿ Metacognitive Reading Strategy Use and Comprehension Achievement

Huang, Nan (Supervisor: Paul Roberts) What is the relationship between changes of English status and functions in China and construction of Chinese national identity? An analysis of development of English and ELT in China

Hunter, Michelle (Supervisor: Ursula LanversEnglish content delivery effectiveness: how well do international students learn and non-native Professors teach in EMI classes

Istode, Irina-Ileana (Supervisor: ) Romanian EFL Teachers' beliefs about and engagement in Continuing Professional Development: A Mixed-methods Study

Junaid, Nadia (supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Exploring The Impact of Automated Feedback on Students Performance in Writing Assessment

Kaas Seerup, Julie (Supervisors: Carole Torgerson & David Torgerson): Examining effects and implementation of early school-based academic interventions aimed at struggling students: Using the tutoring programme ‘Læseklar’ as a case study

Kirkham, David (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Overcoming barriers to cultural exploration by University-level English language learning international students in the UK

Liu, Xinyang (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Investigating the impact of Schema theory on Chinese readers' comprehension

Liu, Yu (Supervisor: Leah RobertsL1 influence on the acquisition of L2 collocations by Chinese learners of English

Mackiewicz, Justyna (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effect of language competency in academic success among International students in UK higher education

Minett, Elaine (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenAn evaluation of two contrasting teaching approaches in the primary languages classroom

Moutis, Mia (Efthimia) (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The Impact of Perceptual Training on Comprehensibility in Spontaneous Speech

Othman, Maha (Supervisor: Fatma SaidParental and child code switching practices and family language ideologies

Ownby, Kathryn (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effects of prefixes and roots in appropriate child literature on vocabulary

Pan, Junlan (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenEffectiveness of explicit instruction (EI) and practice on online predictive processing

Pealing, Samuel (Supervisor: Bill SodenTowards the Development of an Assessment-based Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes Writing Syllabus for International Postgraduate Students in the UK

Rao, Jie (Supervisor: Bimali IndrarathneLearning Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Among College Students in the UK and in China: A comparison of the motivation and influencing factors

Rosmala, Dewi (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) L1 interference in L2 writing of Indonesian EFL students

Shepperd, Louise (Supervisor: Leah RobertsInfluence of L1 Literacy Experience and L2 Orthographic Input on Acquisition of Nonassimilable Phonological Contrasts

Shi, Xiaqian (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicAcademic, Socio-Cultural and Psychological Adjustments in UK Higher Education: Investigating the experience of overseas Chinese students in UK universities

Sudwan, Onsutee (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Conversation analytic study to investigate task design and learner interpretation in task implementation in Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT)

Wang, Wenzhao (Supervisor: Bill Soden) Promoting novice high school EFL teachers¿ language assessment literacy: A mixed-methods in China

Whitehouse, Jane (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) An intervention study on Task-Based Language Teaching in the UK Key Stage 3 MFL classroom to ascertain the impact on pupil motivation.

Wong, Albert (Supervisor: ) EAP teachers' use of interaction strategies to promote discipline-specific learning

Yasmin, Dilruba (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) Attitudinal and motivational orientations of teenage learners in Bangladesh and their relationship to learning English as a foreign language: an investigation of regional and gender differences

Zakaria, Shahida (Supervisor: ) Investigating the intertextuality practices among ESL postgraduates in reading English academic texts


Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice

Alem, Nihad (Supervisor: Leah RobertsE-learning and Algerian higher education: developing and validating connectivism in the Algerian higher education context by understanding the cultural, organisational, and pedagogical nature of the Open Universities

Almuhaidan, Arwa (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Sarah Olive) Exploring the Gender Stereotypes in Children's books in Saudi Arabia

Almutawa, Wejdan (Supervisors: Kerry Knox) Blended learning: how much is too much technology in early years education?

Alqahtani, Asma (Supervisors: John Issitt and Leah RobertsThe power of inter-cultural awareness in TESOL and the transformative power of intercultural understanding: A problematisation of inter¬cultural communication

Armstrong, Rosanna (Supervisor: Leah Roberts and Eleanor BrownIs citizen education the same as character education?

Bowling, Abigail (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Sally Hancock) Structure, agency and reflexivity in teachers’ career decision-making

Cartier, Marina (Supervisors: Clementine Beauvais and Sarah Olive) British children's response to translated humorous picturebooks

De Gier, Suzanne (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Leah RobertsThe role of school professionals in the implementation of children's rights in advanced education systems: lessons for the Netherlands

Evans, Dawn (Supervisor: Vanita SundaramExploring African and Caribbean women's journey towards leadership positions in further education

Gibson, Jessica (Supervisors: Sarah Olive and Clementine BeauvaisA Critical Analysis of the Representation of Disability in Disney Films

Herdili Sahin, Hatice (Supervisor: Kerry KnoxThe analysis of visual arts curriculum and the research on prospective teachers’ and academicians’ attitudes to curriculum in England

Holmes, Heather (Supervisors: Amanda Naylor and Poppy Nash) A Study of the Reading Habits of Secondary School English Teachers

Hosoda, Chika (Supervisor: Reva Yunus and Leah RobertsTeaching Professional’s Understanding of human rights and diversity for Citizenship Education in England  

Jabali, Maha (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe use of Social Media within the undergraduate student population of Saudi Arabian universities

Jack, Victoria (Supervisors: Paul Roberts and Duncan Jackson) Effective transcultural communication

Jackson, Emma (Supervisor: Eleanor BrownAlternative Education and Development Goals: Innovations in Education Provision

Jiang, Huaijue (Violet) (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) How to teach RSE in secondary schools in England? Self-review of experienced RSE teachers on gender equality and implications for the future induction training of RSE teachers

Johnson, Louise (Daisy) (Supervisor: Clementine BeauvaisPreadolescent Female Body in Children's Literature and Real World Girlhood

Kazi, Dorjee (Supervisors: Sally Hancock and Paul WakelingExploration of Collaboration in Indian Universities: Its realities in Organisational Design and Scholar Experiences

Mohite, Sachin Mohan (Supervisors: Chelsea Selllers and Leah Roberts) Assessing Citizenship Education in India

Okolo, Chidi (Supervisors: Constantino Dumangane Jr and Paul WakelingSoft Systems Methodology in Higher Education: Narrowing attainment gaps between higher education students from different ethnic backgrounds

Provis, Louis (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Relationships and Sex Education

Riveros Fuentos, Valeria (Supervisor: Clementine BeauvaisThe Effectiveness of the Use of Literature-to-Film adaptations in the Development of Reading Comprehension in the Chilean English Classrooms

Sait, Alhareth (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Sally HancockInternationalisation of small higher education institutions: challenges and opportunities. A case study from Saudi Arabia

Salem, Sihem (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Lynda DunlopInvestigating university teachers' use of dialogic pedagogy to foster their students' critical thinking and social interaction: a comparative study of Algerian and British English language lectures.

Shamshul Arrifin, Alya (Supervisor: Clementine Beauvais) The nature of the gaze in young adult literature

Sheng, Jiqiong (Supervisor: Paul Wakeling) Becoming a Consumer in England: International Postraduates' Identity and Transition

Smith, Katherine (Supervisors: Clementine Beauvais and Vanita SundaramGender in the assigned texts for GCSE English Literature

Suppers, Janina (Supervisor: Eleanor BrownYoung people’s participation in new citizenship contexts and the role of citizenship education: A mixed-methods case study from a rural community in Germany

Terenganou, Jeehaan (Supervisor: Bimali IndrarathneThe Impact of Transition from A Single-sex Environment to Mixed-gender Environment in Educational Systems on Saudi International Students in U.K


Psychology in Education Research Centre

Bradford, Jenna (Supervisor: Robert Klassen) The significance of personality traits, and other factors, in the retention of teachers in primary settings.

Code, Aimee (Supervisors: Umar Toseeb and ) Sibling bullying in families where a child has ASD

Coleman, Helen (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Changing policies and procedures in Higher Education in relation to professional boundaries between staff and students.

Deniz, Emre (Supervisor: Umar ToseebCross-Cultural Differences in Sibling Bullying in Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Intercultural Examination of Families in the UK and Turkey

Ding, Xi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) Early childhood education in urban China: a case study of early childhood education programme in Nanjing city

Dowey, Sarah (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyA longitudinal investigation of the effect of whole-school versus intensive growth mindset and metacognition interventions on self-efficacy, vocabulary, mathematics and non-verbal skills

Dromey, Helen (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Rethinking Continuation in Instrumental Music Teaching through Democratised Learning

Dundas, Suzanna (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyThe relationship between narrative identity and career interests, aspirations, expectations and plans

Fields, Diana (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyAdding Children's Voices to the Discussion about using Genetic Information in Schools

Fox, Laura (Supervisors: Kathryn Asbury & Umar Toseeb) Prosocial behaviours and the mental health of children with and without DLD across primary and secondary education

Frederick, Zozonaebi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) An exploration of play pedagogy in Nigerian early childhood education

Han, Nara (Supervisor: ) 'The effects of scaffolding types and the level of self-regulated learning ability on learning outcomes (learning satisfaction, academic achievement) of Flipped Learning environment in Higher Education'

Leary, Rowena (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyNarratives of childhood loneliness: the impact on adult identity and mental health

Lennon, Rosemary (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Establishing if the delivery of a curriculum intervention to children as young as 10 years, could enable children to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours

Onuorah, Ada (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) Peer Assisted Learning Strategy (PALS) as an intervention to improve reading skills of struggling readers in public primary schools in Nigeria

Peckover, Lee (Supervisor: Dusana DorjeeDevelopmental trajectories of the metacognitive self-regulatory capacity in relation to mental health and wellbeing in children (or adolescents)

Shannon, Clare (Supervisor: Rob KlassenEnhancing intrinsic motivation in learning for adolescents: Lessons learnt from Educational Neuroscience for best practice in education

Sheikh-Iddenden, Salma (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyAssociations between narrative identity and mental health, wellbeing and 'grit' in the transition to university life of students from migrant and non-migrant family backgrounds

Shepherd, Jessie (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee & Vanita Sundaram) The effectiveness of Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) on primary students when taking into account gender, cultural, ethnicity, and migration differences

Smith, Eve (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe relationship between both phonological and non-phonological skills on mathematical ability in EAL children

Thorpe, Polly (Supervisor: Poppy Nash) The impact of co-constructed story writing on children, parents and schools

Tickell, Rebecca (Supervisor: ) Investigating the Impact of Mentoring on Teacher Efficacy of Beginning Teachers in a Mutable Educational Landscape

Wang, Qi (Supervisor: Dusana DorjeeAssociation between Social Environment Factors and Self-Control Ability in Higher Education in China

Wilding, Kirsty (Supervisor: Sophie Von Stumm) Environmental and Genomic Predictors of Child Language

Wright, Megan (Supervisor: Sophie Von Stumm) Individual differences in learning in emerging and established adulthood



University of York Science Education Group

Agbaje, Rasheedah (Supervisor: Jeremy Airey) Effects of teachers' interaction patterns on students academic performance in basic science at the junior secondary schools in Nigeria.

Al-Hinai, Ghania (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Impact of teaching physics using designed multimedia unit on students' achievement in physics.

Almashari, Faisal (Supervisor: ) Views of Saudi teachers and students on being involved in school-based extracurricular activities available at high schools.

Alsaadi, Faris (Supervisor: ) An analysis of the perception, role and importance given to Inquiry-based Instruction amongst science teachers in Saudi Arabia.

Brzezniak, Marzena (Supervisor: ) Do teacher beliefs and understanding about vaccinations impact their instructional practice, and does this in turn impact long-term student outcomes in terms of vaccine hesitancy?

Green Vella, Nicole (Supervisor: Lynda DunlopUnderstanding science: An evaluation of teaching the Nature of Science in Primary School Science

Heffron, Katie (Supervisors:  and Eleanor Brown)

Li, Mengyao (Supervisor: ) Chinese Students' Perceptions Towards Science-Related Jobs

Lyon, Rosy (Supervisor: Kerry KnoxExploring Methods of Integrating Published Research into Higher Education Science Delivery; What is Effective and Why?

McArdle, Dominic (Supervisors:  and ) Testing the effectiveness of a novel model of curriculum design within an interdisciplinary experimental research group over multiple sixth-form colleges (SFC)

Nemukuyu, Cleophas (Cleo) (Supervisors: Jeremy Airey and Chelsea Sellers) Exploring the constitutive relationship between secondary school science practical work and the duality nature of science literacy.

Safaya, Smriti (Supervisors:  and Sarah WestCitizen-science for behavioural change in sustainability education