PhD studies in progress


Centre for Research in Language Learning and Use

Abdelaty, Yara (Supervisor: Khaled El EbyaryThe impact of peer-feedback in a cloud-based collaborative writing environment on EFL students' written work

Ahmed Virjee, Geneffa (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-CraneUsing story in teaching EFL to 5-11 year old French children

Aktar, Tasnima (Supervisors: Cylcia Bolibaugh and Zoe Handley) English language learning strategies and strategy instruction: A study of Bangladeshi EFL learning

Al Sheyadi, Sheikha (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaA needs analysis study of the English language needs of Omani hotel professionals in the Muscat area

Al-Baimani, Saif (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-ProfozicFactors determining the development of speaking skills for foundation year students at the College of Applied Sciences-Nizwa: particular focus on strategic competence and learner autonomy

Alahmed, Khalid (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The effect of using task-based approach in teaching conversation on developing EFL students' communicative competence

Aldossary, Saddah (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Saudi Teachers' attitudes towards using social media for continuing professional development in Saudi Arabia

Allehidan, Hamad (Supervisor: Beatrice Szczepek ReedDesigning a collaborative task-based pronunciation course for Saudi English language Majors in Qassim University

Alnajashi, Alaa (Supervisor: Ursula LanversMethods by which students can be motivated to use e-learning tools to learn English as a second language'

Alsalamah, Norah (Supervisor: Beatrice Szczepek Reed) 'An Investigation into the role of linguistic knowledge in EFL teacher preparation programmes in Saudi Arabia'

Alshammari, Eman (Supervisor: Emma Marsden) Teachers’ and students' beliefs about the effectiveness of different oral feedback types on students' interaction

Alshehri, Ahmed (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaInvestigating Academic English reading and writing strategies using think aloud protocols

Alzahrani, Saad (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) Effect of colour-coding in educational interactive multimedia programmes on improving skimming skills

Alzahrani, Waad (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyDoes the utilisation of online discussion forums facilitate and optimise the quality and quantity of learners face-to-face classroom discourse?

Alzahrany, Rana (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska'ESL students and academic writing: the impact of using pen pal letters on ESL students' writing skills and motivation'

Amrate, Moustafa (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaIncreasing EFL learners talking time through Google hangouts video based chatting

Arslan, Sermin (Supervisor: Jan HardmanDevelopment of L2 Interactional Competence over time

Asiri, Hassan (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) Comparing the effects of blogging and pen-and-paper method on collaborative writing performance of Saudi undergraduate students

Bailey, Beth (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenBilingualism, language awareness and the use of English as an additional language pupils as pedagogical resources in UK mainstream primary schools:  A design experiment

Bell, Vanessa (Supervisors: Paul Roberts and Beatrice Szczepek ReedAn absence with a function: performing and interpreting silence in transcultural communication

Berrouba Tani, Imane (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-ProfozicAn exploration of the effect of the combination of intentional and incidental learning strategies through reading on EFL students'vocabulary retention

Byas, James (Supervisor: Leah RobertsInvestigating how bilingual children manage differing linguistic cues that place differing ontological categories to novel ‘real world’ entities

Charles, Tendai (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effect of bi-modal input on L2 listening comprehension development

Ciftci, Ayse (Supervisors: Fatma Said and Beatrice Szczepek Reed) The importance of learning heritage language and literacy support for bilingual children language learning

Cooper, Stewart (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Task-based learning in South Korea: mitigating the effects of motivation and anxiety on second language acquisition

Cunningham, Clare (Supervisor: Jan HardmanTeachers' views on home languages in mainstream primary schools and classrooms

Ebrahimi, Sara (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyThe effect of online task based language teaching on accuracy, fluency, and complexity of EFL learners: L2 oral decision making

Elmankush, Iman (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe impact of video texts on listening comprehension development in L2

Garcia Castro, Veronica (Supervisor: Leah RobertsReading comprehension and the acquisition of vocabulary in English as a second/foreign language

Ghebghoub, Souheyla (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughThe effect of input modality on incidental learning of academic vocabulary: a dual coding based approach to EFL Algerian learners

Hakami, Ali Mohammed (Supervisor: Leah Roberts)Self-selected strategies of L2 learners: Effects on short- and long-term word retention in intentional and incidental vocabulary acquisition

Halabi, Noha (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Teachers' perceptions of learner autonomy in Saudi Arabian EFL Context

Horvatic, Jelena (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicEffects of individual differences in declarative and procedural memory on the acquisition of English articles

Hu, Rowling (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicAssessing the impact of IELTS preparation course on Chinese candidates

Jack, Victoria (Supervisor: Paul Roberts and Duncan Jackson) Effective transcultural communication

Kashoob, Muna (Supervisor: Paul Roberts) Developing lucid materials for general English courses

Kiczkowiak, Marek (Supervisor: Andy CirockiAn investigation of NESTs/NNEST preferences among adult English language students in Poland and the variables influencing this preference

Kirkham, David (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Overcoming barriers to cultural exploration by University-level English language learning international students in the UK

Li, Yanru (Supervisor: Paul RobertsThe student and teacher expectations of Chinese College English Course

Mahmud, Najihah (Supervisor: Khaled El Ebyary) Demotivation in English language learning in Malaysia

Massri, Rolla (Supervisor Andy Cirocki) Attitudes of Saudi foundation year students towards learning English: a qualitative study

Mulyono, Herri (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Humanistic approaches in computer mediated English teaching in Indonesia

Ndayishimiye, Viateur (Supervisors: Bill Soden and Chris KyriacouExploring the effects of the National Ordinary Level examination on the teaching of English in lower level of Rwanda secondary education

Niu, Xiaoran (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenThe influence of First language explicit information and practice on Second language syntax on-line processing and oral production.

O’Reilly, David (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenFigurative language teaching and learning for non-native speakers of  English

Othman, Maha (Supervisor: Fatma SaidParental and child code switching practices and family language ideologies

Phisutthangkoon, Kittiya (Supervisor: Bill SodenTeachers' beliefs and classroom practices in teaching speaking: a case study of university lecturers in Thailand

Rosmala, Dewi (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) L1 interference in L2 writing of Indonesian EFL students

Ross, Micky (Supervisor: Paul Roberts) Creating practical teaching tools for the educator of the internationalising postgraduate classroom

Rotjanawongchai, Satima (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyCorrective feedback on pronunciation in Thai EFL classrooms: what lies behind the student reactions

Saidi, Siti (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughExploring the link between attitude and features of formulaic language in the corpus of Malaysian undergraduate students’ essays

Sun, Qingyang (Supervisor: Bill SodenA longitudinal study of students’ texts in taught Master’s programs at a university in the UK: Analysing criticality and coherence

Suntornsawet, Jirada (Supervisor: Beatrice Szczepek ReedAn investigation of non-native English pronunciation in the Thailand ELT context

Takashima, Keita (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka ProfozicL1 and L2 identities of young children in Japan

Tamba, Ronna (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) Motivational strategies in the English programme at Saint Thomas Catholic University, Indonesia

Tang, Mengmeng (Supervisor: Leah RobertsA classificatory analysis of topic prominence interlanguage in EFL learning by research of Chinese EFL learners at post-intermediate level and its application on pedagogy

Thompson, Sophie (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenThe implementation and effect of co-production of research with modern foreign language teachers in UK secondary education

Wang, Ping (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) The avoidance of phrasal verbs by non-native English speakers

Yasmin, Dilruba (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) Attitudinal and motivational orientations of teenage learners in Bangladesh and their relationship to learning English as a foreign language: an investigation of regional and gender differences

Zakaria, Shahida (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-ProfozicInvestigating the intertextuality practices among ESL postgraduates in reading English academic texts

Zhang, Haoruo (Supervisor: Norbert VanekOn the cognitive process underlying the answering systems to yes/no negative questions in Chinese-English bilinguals


Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice

Abushina, Abdelnaser (Supervisor: John IssittStrategies for developing and evaluating staff in the Libyan higher education sector

Al Abri, Mahmood (Supervisor: John IssittThe challenges of the private schools in Oman

Al Balushi, Sabah (Supervisor: John Issitt) Key drivers for a successful English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education system in public schools in the Sultanate of Oman: the use of benchmarking as a form of comparative analysis

Baker, Tina (Supervisor: Paul Wakeling) The impact of change in the FE sector

Bronfman, Paulina (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Sarah Olive) Problematizing Shakespeare through the gaze of Human Rights: Educator's perception and attitudes regarding Human Rights themes in Shakespeare Education

Calderon, Daniel (Supervisor: Eleanor Brown)

Casey, Caroline (Supervisor: Paul WakelingTransition into the legal profession and professional identity development amongst participants from widening participation backgrounds

Chavana Villalobos, Maria Ana (Supervisor: Paul WakelingSocio economic strata, aspirations and foreign language learning: A study of inequality in higher education in Mexico

Chen, Dan (Supervisor: Ian Davies) Political education

Chubb, Jennifer (Supervisor: Paul Wakeling) The impact agenda and academics' perceptions of their roles: Perspectives from the UK and Australia

Cutajar, Alexander (Supervisor: Ian Davies) The impact of visual primary sources on students' historical understanding

De Gier, Suzanne (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Ian Davies)  The role of school professionals in the implementation of childrens' rights in advanced education systems: lessons for the Netherlands

Demsash, Fasil (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Integration of non-western mathematics teachers in local schools in Canada and the UK

Evans, Dawn (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Eleanor BrownExploring African and Caribbean women's journey towards leadership positions in further education

Fadil, Amal (Supervisor: Ian Davies) How poor people are educating themselves: a case study from the Middle Atlas region in Morocco

Gow, Stephen (Supervisor: John IssittPlagiarism and Chinese culture in higher education

Guo, Fang (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) A cross-cultural comparison of sex education: Estimating peer effects on sexual behaviours among adolescents in China and the UK

Hosack, Ian (Supervisor: Ian DaviesCitizenship education through EFL teaching in Japanese high schools

Karatas, Emre (Supervisor: Ian Davies) 'Teaching of Historical Thinking Skills and Their Assessment in Schools: Samples of England and Turkey'

Lambrechts, Agata (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Charlotte O'BrienAccess to HE for refugees in the EU

Munguia Godinez, Isabel (Supervisors: Ian Davies and Eleanor BrownAnalysis of educational formation devices and their implications in the socio-moral construction of high school students. A comparative study between the United Kingdom and Mexico

Nicklin, Laura (Supervisor: Sarah Olive"Make not your thoughts your prisons”: Using Shakespeare for educational rehabilitation

Ouma, Richard (Supervisor: John IssittAn investigation of the challenges of ensuring quality in managing support services for in-service primary school teachers in universities in Uganda

Rivadeneira Barreiro, Julio (Supervisor: Sally HancockDecision making about the choice of study: Biased drivers for student prospects when choosing a higher education programme

Stead, Annis (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Sally Hancock) Assessing the efficacy of anti-lad culture campaigns in Higher Education

Vuban, Joyce (Supervisor: Paul WakelingEducational wastage and cost implication: The case of state universities in Cameroon

Zotou, Eleni (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Ian DaviesHow education can be improved in order to reduce social inequality in schools and provide equal opportunities to all

Zou, Ying (Supervisors: Clementine Beauvais and Sarah OliveChinese 'Tiger Mothers' and children's picture-book reading: a qualitative study of adult-child relationship during shared reading


Psychology in Education Research Centre

Al Hashmi, Waleed (Supervisor: Rob KlassenDesigning a selection system for students applying to the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in Oman

Al-Hasni, Faiza (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) The use of the motivational strategies in the EFL classroom: colleges of technology in the Sultanate of Oman

Al-Ruqaishi, Salama (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) Teachers’ motivation

Algarni, Badriah (Supervisors: Hugues Lortie-Forgues and Chris Kyriacou) 'The Effects of Digital Games on Student Mathematical Achievement and Motivation in Saudi Arabia Primary Schools'

Almulla, Mazen (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) Exploring the use of Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) in Saudi Arabia

Alrefae, Jenan (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-Crane) Identify a good practice in teaching reading in English as a foreign language to primary government students in Kuwait

Bagazi, Afrah (Supervisor: Poppy Nash) Improving self-regulation skills and its impact of the self-concept of children with learning difficulties in KSA

Bawn, Rosanna (Supervisor: Kathryn Asbury) How the effect of siblings and birth order on Theory of Mind development shapes vocational interests and other variables in adolescents

Crellin, Sarah (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-Crane) Formative assessment: marking and feedback in primary schools with a particular focus on pupil responses

Crosswaite, Madeleine (Supervisors: Kathryn Asbury and Chris Kyriacou) Teacher perceptions of genetic influences on educational achievement

Ding, Xi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) Early childhood education in urban China: a case study of early childhood education programme in Nanjing city

Dowey, Sarah (Supervisor: Kathryn Asbury) The impact of teaching growth mindset strategies on pupil effort and attainment

El-Ashhab, Genan (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-Crane Techniques of teaching reading comprehension to second language learners

Frederick, Zozonaebi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) An exploration of play pedagogy in Nigerian early childhood education

Han, Nara (Supervisor: Rob Klassen'The effects of scaffolding types and the level of self-regulated learning ability on learning outcomes (learning satisfaction, academic achievement) of Flipped Learning environment in Higher Education'

Haslee Sharil, Wan Elia (Supervisor: Chris KyriacouDeveloping a reflective practice model for TESL pre-service teachers

Ismayilova, Khayala (Supervisor: Rob KlassenA comparative analyses of teachers' motivation and job satisfaction in two post-soviet countries

Jiang, Man (Supervisor: Rob KlassenEffectiveness of non-native English speaking teachers on removing psychological/emotional obstacles/negative emotions to second language learning of ESL students

Lopez Romero, Maria (Supervisor: Chris KyriacouThe role of bystanders in bullying.

Onuorah, Ada (Supervisor: Louise TraceyVariations in early childhood and primary education in Africa and western countries: A comparative study of Nigeria and United Kingdom

Oxley, Laura (Supervisor: Poppy NashA mixed method comparative case study on the views of teachers, working in mainstream schools and in alternative provision, about the reasons behind pupil misbehaviour

Ozturk, Lutfi (Supervisor: Poppy NashBehaviour management and development strategies in primary schools: A comparison of primary school head-teachers perspectives and practices in Turkey and the UK

Rusdi, Fairuz (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) Perfectionism in Malaysian academicians: Relationship with job burnout and resilience

Smith, Natalie (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-CraneReading comprehension skills in children learning English as an additional language

Symons, Owen (Supervisor: Poppy NashThe effect of assessments on student well-being and mental health

Thorpe, Polly (Supervisor: Poppy NashThe impact of co-constructed story writing on children, parents and schools

Warren, Jordan (Supervisor: Chris KyriacouHow practitioners deal with the topic of death in the classroom

Xu, Xinyuan (Supervisor: Rob KlassenAn achievement goal theory perspective on influences of senior high schools’ awards systems on college students’ academic achievements

Yang, Zeyang (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyThe impact of mobile phone addiction on Chinese university students: Considering test anxiety and academic procrastination


University of York Science Education Group

Agbaje, Rasheedah (Supervisor: Judith BennettEffects of teachers' interaction patterns on students academic performance in basic science at the junior secondary schools in Nigeria

Al Rasheed, Wafa (Supervisor: Judith BennettExploring the role of male and female Saudi secondary school students' voice on evaluating science teaching methods

Al-Hinai, Ghania (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Impact of teaching physics using designed multimedia unit on students' achievement in physics

Albahrani, Abdulmajeed (Supervisor: Jeremy AireyThe impact of using mobile technology in the development of teacher reflective practices and their motivation

Alsaadi, Faris (Supervisor: Jeremy Airey) An analysis of the perception, role and importance given to inquiry-based instruction amongst science teachers in Saudi Arabia.

Armstrong, Stephanie (Supervisor: Judith BennettWhat factors influence the design of the secondary school science curriculum?

Bórquez Sánchez, Estelia (Supervisor: Judith Bennett) Analysis of consistency in teaching practices of science teachers and the development of scientific literacy on their students

Campbell-Mapplebeck, Andrea (Supervisor: Lynda DunlopThe use of feedback to promote learning from a pupil’s perspective

Gummadi, Aparna (Supervisor: Jeremy AireyEffectiveness of nutritional education in early years settings

Herdili Sahin, Hatice (Supervisors: Kerry Knox and John Issitt) The analysis of visual arts curriculum and the research on prospective teachers’ and academicians’ attitudes to curriculum in England

Ratnasingh, Mythily (Supervisor: Judith BennettComparative cross cultural study on context based and concept based science education in three countries (UK, Sri Lanka and Middle East)

Tan, Woei Yng (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Play and the acquisition of scientific voice in primary school science (cognitive and skill development)

Tuan Soh, Tuan Mastura (Supervisors: Judith Bennett and Lynda DunlopThe development and evaluation of problem based learning approach module in the context of 21st century STEM education in Malaysia