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PhD studies in progress


Centre for Research in Language Learning and Use

Adam, Mukhtar (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) Exploring the communication difficulties of Sudanese learners of English in Liverpool

Al Hinai, Safa (Supervisor: Khaled El EbyaryEnglish Language Teachers' beliefs towards the Assessment System and its relation to students' achievement in Oman

Al Shuhail, Muneerah (Supervisor: Fatma Said) Effect of learning English as a foreign language on culture, attitudes and identity, specifically gender identity in Saudi Arabia

Al-Abdul Razzaq, Mohammad (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughCeiling effects in adult implicit second language teachers

Alabdulqader, Shirin (Supervisor: Fatma Said) The effect of code-switching among bilingual Saudi students on their identities: social media analysis

Aldossary, Saddah (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Saudi Teachers' attitudes towards using social media for continuing professional development in Saudi Arabia

Algothami, Haifa (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) Language Aptitude, experience and second language pronunciation proficiency development: a comparative study

Alharee, Manal (Supervisor: Khaled El Ebyary) Wiki based collaborative approaches to teaching English writing

Almehaidly, Noura (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaAnalysis of pragmatic content in EFL textbooks used in Saudi Arabia with a particular focus on the treatment of speech acts

Alshehri, Ahmed (Supervisor: ) Investigating Academic English reading and writing strategies using think aloud protocols

Alzahrany, Rana (Supervisor:  ) ESL students and academic writing: the impact of using pen pal letters on ESL students' writing skills and motivation

Arslan, Sermin (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Development of L2 Interactional Competence over time

Baisengirov, Yessentay (Supervisor: Andy CirockiThe Role of In-Service English Language Teachers’ Professional Identity Transformation in Public Secondary Schools and Barriers to overcome throughout the Construction of Teachers’ Professional Identities.

Baizhanov, Yeraly (Supervisor: Formative Assessment in the Kazakhstani Senior High School CLIL Classroom: A Mixed Methods Case Study

Choo, Rui Qi (Supervisor: Marilyn Vihman and Tamar Keren-PortnoyThe role of storybook reading on children's receptive and expressive vocabulary

Ciftci, Ayse (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) The Importance of Learning Heritage Language and Literacy Support for Bilingual Children Language Learning

Cooper, Stewart (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Task-based learning in South Korea: mitigating the effects of motivation and anxiety on second language acquisition

Crellin, Sarah (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Formative assessment: marking and feedback in primary schools with a particular focus on pupil responses

Diao, Linghui (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) The processing and production of subject and object pronouns in English as second language

Fu, Xingyi (Supervisor: Norbert Vanek/Leah Roberts) Investigating the conceptual changes of motion event cognition in advanced Chinese learners of English: a breaking Continuous Flash Suppression study

Ge, Huiting (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyInvestigating the relationship between utterance fluency and learners’ and teachers’ perceptions of fluency

Ghebghoub, Souheyla (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughThe effect of input modality on incidental learning of academic vocabulary: a dual coding based approach to EFL Algerian learners

Hendra, Akbar Nadjar (Supervisor: Heather MarsdenThe acquisition of interlanguage aspect and tense of Idonesian (L1) learner of English (L2) and Japanese (L3)

Hsia, Yen-Wei (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The Effects of Mobile-style Collaborative Inquiry on EFL Undergraduate Students¿ Metacognitive Reading Strategy Use and Comprehension Achievement

Hunter, Michelle (Supervisor: Ursula LanversEnglish content delivery effectiveness: how well do international students learn and non-native Professors teach in EMI classes

Istode, Irina-Ileana (Supervisor: ) Romanian EFL Teachers' beliefs about and engagement in Continuing Professional Development: A Mixed-methods Study

Junaid, Nadia (supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Exploring The Impact of Automated Feedback on Students Performance in Writing Assessment

Kaas Seerup, Julie (Supervisors: Carole Torgerson & David Torgerson): Examining effects and implementation of early school-based academic interventions aimed at struggling students: Using the tutoring programme ‘Læseklar’ as a case study

Kirkham, David (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Overcoming barriers to cultural exploration by University-level English language learning international students in the UK

Liu, Xinyang (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Investigating the impact of Schema theory on Chinese readers' comprehension

Liu, Yu (Supervisor: Leah RobertsL1 influence on the acquisition of L2 collocations by Chinese learners of English

Mackiewicz, Justyna (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effect of language competency in academic success among International students in UK higher education

Minett, Elaine (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenAn evaluation of two contrasting teaching approaches in the primary languages classroom

Moutis, Mia (Efthimia) (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The Impact of Perceptual Training on Comprehensibility in Spontaneous Speech

Othman, Maha (Supervisor: Fatma SaidParental and child code switching practices and family language ideologies

Ownby, Kathryn (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effects of prefixes and roots in appropriate child literature on vocabulary

Pan, Junlan (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenEffectiveness of explicit instruction (EI) and practice on online predictive processing

Pealing, Samuel (Supervisor: Bill SodenTowards the Development of an Assessment-based Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes Writing Syllabus for International Postgraduate Students in the UK

Rao, Jie (Supervisor: Bimali IndrarathneLearning Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Among College Students in the UK and in China: A comparison of the motivation and influencing factors

Rosmala, Dewi (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) L1 interference in L2 writing of Indonesian EFL students

Shepperd, Louise (Supervisor: Leah RobertsInfluence of L1 Literacy Experience and L2 Orthographic Input on Acquisition of Nonassimilable Phonological Contrasts

Shi, Xiaqian (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicAcademic, Socio-Cultural and Psychological Adjustments in UK Higher Education: Investigating the experience of overseas Chinese students in UK universities

Sudwan, Onsutee (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Conversation analytic study to investigate task design and learner interpretation in task implementation in Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT)

Wang, Wenzhao (Supervisor: Bill Soden) Promoting novice high school EFL teachers¿ language assessment literacy: A mixed-methods in China

Whitehouse, Jane (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) An intervention study on Task-Based Language Teaching in the UK Key Stage 3 MFL classroom to ascertain the impact on pupil motivation.

Wong, Albert (Supervisor: ) EAP teachers' use of interaction strategies to promote discipline-specific learning

Yasmin, Dilruba (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) Attitudinal and motivational orientations of teenage learners in Bangladesh and their relationship to learning English as a foreign language: an investigation of regional and gender differences

Zakaria, Shahida (Supervisor: ) Investigating the intertextuality practices among ESL postgraduates in reading English academic texts


Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice

Alem, Nihad (Supervisor: Leah RobertsE-learning and Algerian higher education: developing and validating connectivism in the Algerian higher education context by understanding the cultural, organisational, and pedagogical nature of the Open Universities

Almuhaidan, Arwa (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Sarah Olive) Exploring the Gender Stereotypes in Children's books in Saudi Arabia

Almutawa, Wejdan (Supervisors: Kerry Knox) Blended learning: how much is too much technology in early years education?

Alqahtani, Asma (Supervisors: John Issitt and Leah RobertsThe power of inter-cultural awareness in TESOL and the transformative power of intercultural understanding: A problematisation of inter¬cultural communication

Armstrong, Rosanna (Supervisor: Leah Roberts and Eleanor BrownIs citizen education the same as character education?

Bowling, Abigail (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Sally Hancock) Structure, agency and reflexivity in teachers’ career decision-making

Cartier, Marina (Supervisors: Clementine Beauvais and Sarah Olive) British children's response to translated humorous picturebooks

De Gier, Suzanne (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Leah RobertsThe role of school professionals in the implementation of children's rights in advanced education systems: lessons for the Netherlands

Evans, Dawn (Supervisor: Vanita SundaramExploring African and Caribbean women's journey towards leadership positions in further education

Gibson, Jessica (Supervisors: Sarah Olive and Clementine BeauvaisA Critical Analysis of the Representation of Disability in Disney Films

Gilani, David (Supervisor Liz Thomas) Individualised connectedness: how can universities enhance student outcomes by helping students to better understand their own belonging needs?

Herdili Sahin, Hatice (Supervisor: Kerry KnoxThe analysis of visual arts curriculum and the research on prospective teachers’ and academicians’ attitudes to curriculum in England

Holmes, Heather (Supervisors: Amanda Naylor and Poppy Nash) A Study of the Reading Habits of Secondary School English Teachers

Hosoda, Chika (Supervisor: Reva Yunus and Leah RobertsTeaching Professional’s Understanding of human rights and diversity for Citizenship Education in England  

Jabali, Maha (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe use of Social Media within the undergraduate student population of Saudi Arabian universities

Jack, Victoria (Supervisors: Paul Roberts and Duncan Jackson) Effective transcultural communication

Jackson, Emma (Supervisor: Eleanor BrownAlternative Education and Development Goals: Innovations in Education Provision

Jiang, Huaijue (Violet) (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) How to teach RSE in secondary schools in England? Self-review of experienced RSE teachers on gender equality and implications for the future induction training of RSE teachers

Johnson, Louise (Daisy) (Supervisor: Clementine BeauvaisPreadolescent Female Body in Children's Literature and Real World Girlhood

Kazi, Dorjee (Supervisors: Sally Hancock and Paul WakelingExploration of Collaboration in Indian Universities: Its realities in Organisational Design and Scholar Experiences

Mohite, Sachin Mohan (Supervisors: Chelsea Selllers and Leah Roberts) Assessing Citizenship Education in India

Okolo, Chidi (Supervisors: Constantino Dumangane Jr and Paul WakelingSoft Systems Methodology in Higher Education: Narrowing attainment gaps between higher education students from different ethnic backgrounds

Provis, Louis (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Relationships and Sex Education

Riveros Fuentos, Valeria (Supervisor: Clementine BeauvaisThe Effectiveness of the Use of Literature-to-Film adaptations in the Development of Reading Comprehension in the Chilean English Classrooms

Sait, Alhareth (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Sally HancockInternationalisation of small higher education institutions: challenges and opportunities. A case study from Saudi Arabia

Salem, Sihem (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Lynda DunlopInvestigating university teachers' use of dialogic pedagogy to foster their students' critical thinking and social interaction: a comparative study of Algerian and British English language lectures.

Shamshul Arrifin, Alya (Supervisor: Clementine Beauvais) The nature of the gaze in young adult literature

Sheng, Jiqiong (Supervisor: Paul Wakeling) Becoming a Consumer in England: International Postraduates' Identity and Transition

Smith, Katherine (Supervisors: Clementine Beauvais and Vanita SundaramGender in the assigned texts for GCSE English Literature

Suppers, Janina (Supervisor: Eleanor BrownYoung people’s participation in new citizenship contexts and the role of citizenship education: A mixed-methods case study from a rural community in Germany

Terenganou, Jeehaan (Supervisor: Bimali IndrarathneThe Impact of Transition from A Single-sex Environment to Mixed-gender Environment in Educational Systems on Saudi International Students in U.K


Psychology in Education Research Centre

Bradford, Jenna (Supervisor: Robert Klassen) The significance of personality traits, and other factors, in the retention of teachers in primary settings.

Code, Aimee (Supervisors: Umar Toseeb and ) Sibling bullying in families where a child has ASD

Coleman, Helen (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Changing policies and procedures in Higher Education in relation to professional boundaries between staff and students.

Deniz, Emre (Supervisor: Umar ToseebCross-Cultural Differences in Sibling Bullying in Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Intercultural Examination of Families in the UK and Turkey

Ding, Xi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) Early childhood education in urban China: a case study of early childhood education programme in Nanjing city

Dowey, Sarah (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyA longitudinal investigation of the effect of whole-school versus intensive growth mindset and metacognition interventions on self-efficacy, vocabulary, mathematics and non-verbal skills

Dromey, Helen (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Rethinking Continuation in Instrumental Music Teaching through Democratised Learning

Dundas, Suzanna (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyThe relationship between narrative identity and career interests, aspirations, expectations and plans

Fox, Laura (Supervisors: Kathryn Asbury & Umar Toseeb) Prosocial behaviours and the mental health of children with and without DLD across primary and secondary education

Frederick, Zozonaebi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) An exploration of play pedagogy in Nigerian early childhood education

Han, Nara (Supervisor: ) 'The effects of scaffolding types and the level of self-regulated learning ability on learning outcomes (learning satisfaction, academic achievement) of Flipped Learning environment in Higher Education'

Leary, Rowena (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyNarratives of childhood loneliness: the impact on adult identity and mental health

Lennon, Rosemary (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Establishing if the delivery of a curriculum intervention to children as young as 10 years, could enable children to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours

Onuorah, Ada (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) Peer Assisted Learning Strategy (PALS) as an intervention to improve reading skills of struggling readers in public primary schools in Nigeria

Peckover, Lee (Supervisor: Dusana DorjeeDevelopmental trajectories of the metacognitive self-regulatory capacity in relation to mental health and wellbeing in children (or adolescents)

Shannon, Clare (Supervisor: Rob KlassenEnhancing intrinsic motivation in learning for adolescents: Lessons learnt from Educational Neuroscience for best practice in education

Sheikh-Iddenden, Salma (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyAssociations between narrative identity and mental health, wellbeing and 'grit' in the transition to university life of students from migrant and non-migrant family backgrounds

Shepherd, Jessie (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee & Vanita Sundaram) The effectiveness of Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) on primary students when taking into account gender, cultural, ethnicity, and migration differences

Smith, Eve (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe relationship between both phonological and non-phonological skills on mathematical ability in EAL children

Thorpe, Polly (Supervisor: Poppy Nash) The impact of co-constructed story writing on children, parents and schools

Tickell, Rebecca (Supervisor: ) Investigating the Impact of Mentoring on Teacher Efficacy of Beginning Teachers in a Mutable Educational Landscape

Wang, Qi (Supervisor: Dusana DorjeeAssociation between Social Environment Factors and Self-Control Ability in Higher Education in China

Wilding, Kirsty (Supervisor: Sophie Von Stumm) Environmental and Genomic Predictors of Child Language

Wright, Megan (Supervisor: Sophie Von Stumm) Individual differences in learning in emerging and established adulthood



University of York Science Education Group

Agbaje, Rasheedah (Supervisor: Jeremy Airey) Effects of teachers' interaction patterns on students academic performance in basic science at the junior secondary schools in Nigeria.

Al-Hinai, Ghania (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Impact of teaching physics using designed multimedia unit on students' achievement in physics.

Almashari, Faisal (Supervisor: ) Views of Saudi teachers and students on being involved in school-based extracurricular activities available at high schools.

Brzezniak, Marzena (Supervisor: ) Do teacher beliefs and understanding about vaccinations impact their instructional practice, and does this in turn impact long-term student outcomes in terms of vaccine hesitancy?

Green Vella, Nicole (Supervisor: Lynda DunlopUnderstanding science: An evaluation of teaching the Nature of Science in Primary School Science

Heffron, Katie (Supervisors:  and Eleanor Brown)

Li, Mengyao (Supervisor: ) Chinese Students' Perceptions Towards Science-Related Jobs

Lyon, Rosy (Supervisor: Kerry KnoxExploring Methods of Integrating Published Research into Higher Education Science Delivery; What is Effective and Why?

McArdle, Dominic (Supervisors:  and ) Testing the effectiveness of a novel model of curriculum design within an interdisciplinary experimental research group over multiple sixth-form colleges (SFC)

Nemukuyu, Cleophas (Cleo) (Supervisors: Jeremy Airey and Chelsea Sellers) Exploring the constitutive relationship between secondary school science practical work and the duality nature of science literacy.

Safaya, Smriti (Supervisors:  and Sarah WestCitizen-science for behavioural change in sustainability education