PhD studies in progress


Centre for Research in Language Learning and Use

Abdelaty, Yara (Supervisor: Khaled El EbyaryThe impact of peer-feedback in a cloud-based collaborative writing environment on EFL students' written work

Ahmed Virjee, Geneffa (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-CraneUsing story in teaching EFL to 5-11 year old French children

Aktar, Tasnima (Supervisors: Cylcia Bolibaugh and Zoe Handley) English language learning strategies and strategy instruction: A study of Bangladeshi EFL learning

Al Sheyadi, Sheikha (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaA needs analysis study of the English language needs of Omani hotel professionals in the Muscat area

Al-Baimani, Saif (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-ProfozicFactors determining the development of speaking skills for foundation year students at the College of Applied Sciences-Nizwa: particular focus on strategic competence and learner autonomy

Alahmed, Khalid (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The effect of using task-based approach in teaching conversation on developing EFL students' communicative competence

Aldossary, Saddah (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Saudi Teachers' attitudes towards using social media for continuing professional development in Saudi Arabia

Allehidan, Hamad (Supervisor: Beatrice Szczepek ReedDesigning a collaborative task-based pronunciation course for Saudi English language Majors in Qassim University

Alnajashi, Alaa (Supervisor: Ursula LanversMethods by which students can be motivated to use e-learning tools to learn English as a second language'

Alsalamah, Norah (Supervisor: Beatrice Szczepek Reed) 'An Investigation into the role of linguistic knowledge in EFL teacher preparation programmes in Saudi Arabia'

Alshammari, Eman (Supervisor: Emma Marsden) Teachers’ and students' beliefs about the effectiveness of different oral feedback types on students' interaction

Alshehri, Ahmed (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaInvestigating Academic English reading and writing strategies using think aloud protocols

Alzahrani, Saad (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) Effect of colour-coding in educational interactive multimedia programmes on improving skimming skills

Alzahrani, Waad (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyDoes the utilisation of online discussion forums facilitate and optimise the quality and quantity of learners face-to-face classroom discourse?

Alzahrany, Rana (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska'ESL students and academic writing: the impact of using pen pal letters on ESL students' writing skills and motivation'

Amrate, Moustafa (Supervisor: Irena KuzborskaIncreasing EFL learners talking time through Google hangouts video based chatting

Arslan, Sermin (Supervisor: Jan HardmanDevelopment of L2 Interactional Competence over time

Asiri, Hassan (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) Comparing the effects of blogging and pen-and-paper method on collaborative writing performance of Saudi undergraduate students

Bailey, Beth (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenBilingualism, language awareness and the use of English as an additional language pupils as pedagogical resources in UK mainstream primary schools:  A design experiment

Bell, Vanessa (Supervisors: Paul Roberts and Beatrice Szczepek ReedAn absence with a function: performing and interpreting silence in transcultural communication

Berrouba Tani, Imane (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-ProfozicAn exploration of the effect of the combination of intentional and incidental learning strategies through reading on EFL students'vocabulary retention

Byas, James (Supervisor: Leah RobertsInvestigating how bilingual children manage differing linguistic cues that place differing ontological categories to novel ‘real world’ entities

Charles, Tendai (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effect of bi-modal input on L2 listening comprehension development

Choo, Rui Qi (Supervisor: Marilyn Vihman and Tamar Keren-PortnoyThe role of storybook reading on children's receptive and expressive vocabulary

Ciftci, Ayse (Supervisors: Fatma Said and Beatrice Szczepek Reed) The importance of learning heritage language and literacy support for bilingual children language learning

Cooper, Stewart (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Task-based learning in South Korea: mitigating the effects of motivation and anxiety on second language acquisition

Cunningham, Clare (Supervisor: Jan HardmanTeachers' views on home languages in mainstream primary schools and classrooms

Ebrahimi, Sara (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyThe effect of online task based language teaching on accuracy, fluency, and complexity of EFL learners: L2 oral decision making

Elmankush, Iman (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe impact of video texts on listening comprehension development in L2

Garcia Castro, Veronica (Supervisor: Leah RobertsReading comprehension and the acquisition of vocabulary in English as a second/foreign language

Ghebghoub, Souheyla (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughThe effect of input modality on incidental learning of academic vocabulary: a dual coding based approach to EFL Algerian learners

Hakami, Ali Mohammed (Supervisor: Leah Roberts)Self-selected strategies of L2 learners: Effects on short- and long-term word retention in intentional and incidental vocabulary acquisition

Halabi, Noha (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Teachers' perceptions of learner autonomy in Saudi Arabian EFL Context

Horvatic, Jelena (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicEffects of individual differences in declarative and procedural memory on the acquisition of English articles

Hu, Rowling (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicAssessing the impact of IELTS preparation course on Chinese candidates

Huang, Nan (Supervisor: Paul RobertsWhat is the relationship between changes of English status and functions in China and construction of Chinese national identity? An analysis of development of English and ELT in China

Jack, Victoria (Supervisor: Paul Roberts and Duncan Jackson) Effective transcultural communication

Kashoob, Muna (Supervisor: Paul Roberts) Developing lucid materials for general English courses

Kiczkowiak, Marek (Supervisor: Andy CirockiAn investigation of NESTs/NNEST preferences among adult English language students in Poland and the variables influencing this preference

Kirkham, David (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Overcoming barriers to cultural exploration by University-level English language learning international students in the UK

Kume, Keisuke (Supervisor: Heather Marsden) L2 learnability and L1 effects at syntax-semantic interface

Li, Yanru (Supervisor: Paul RobertsThe student and teacher expectations of Chinese College English Course

Mahmud, Najihah (Supervisor: Khaled El Ebyary) Demotivation in English language learning in Malaysia

Massri, Rolla (Supervisor Andy Cirocki) Attitudes of Saudi foundation year students towards learning English: a qualitative study

Mulyono, Herri (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Humanistic approaches in computer mediated English teaching in Indonesia

Nargesy, Heidar (Supervisor Andy Cirocki) Educational Technology: Iranian Secondary School EFL Teachers' and Students' Attitudes, Beliefs and Practices

Ndayishimiye, Viateur (Supervisors: Bill Soden and Chris KyriacouExploring the effects of the National Ordinary Level examination on the teaching of English in lower level of Rwanda secondary education

Niu, Xiaoran (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenThe influence of First language explicit information and practice on Second language syntax on-line processing and oral production.

O’Reilly, David (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenFigurative language teaching and learning for non-native speakers of  English

Othman, Maha (Supervisor: Fatma SaidParental and child code switching practices and family language ideologies

Phisutthangkoon, Kittiya (Supervisor: Bill SodenTeachers' beliefs and classroom practices in teaching speaking: a case study of university lecturers in Thailand

Rosmala, Dewi (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) L1 interference in L2 writing of Indonesian EFL students

Ross, Micky (Supervisor: Paul Roberts) Creating practical teaching tools for the educator of the internationalising postgraduate classroom

Rotjanawongchai, Satima (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyCorrective feedback on pronunciation in Thai EFL classrooms: what lies behind the student reactions

Saidi, Siti (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughExploring the link between attitude and features of formulaic language in the corpus of Malaysian undergraduate students’ essays

Sun, Qingyang (Supervisor: Bill SodenA longitudinal study of students’ texts in taught Master’s programs at a university in the UK: Analysing criticality and coherence

Suntornsawet, Jirada (Supervisor: Beatrice Szczepek ReedAn investigation of non-native English pronunciation in the Thailand ELT context

Takashima, Keita (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka ProfozicL1 and L2 identities of young children in Japan

Tamba, Ronna (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) Motivational strategies in the English programme at Saint Thomas Catholic University, Indonesia

Tang, Mengmeng (Supervisor: Leah RobertsA classificatory analysis of topic prominence interlanguage in EFL learning by research of Chinese EFL learners at post-intermediate level and its application on pedagogy

Terenganou, Jeehan (Supervisors: John Issitt and Fatma Said) The impact of transition from a single-sex environment to mixed-gender environment in educational systems on Saudi international students in UK

Thompson, Sophie (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenThe implementation and effect of co-production of research with modern foreign language teachers in UK secondary education

Wang, Ping (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) The avoidance of phrasal verbs by non-native English speakers

Yasmin, Dilruba (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) Attitudinal and motivational orientations of teenage learners in Bangladesh and their relationship to learning English as a foreign language: an investigation of regional and gender differences

Zakaria, Shahida (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-ProfozicInvestigating the intertextuality practices among ESL postgraduates in reading English academic texts

Zhang, Haoruo (Supervisor: Norbert VanekOn the cognitive process underlying the answering systems to yes/no negative questions in Chinese-English bilinguals


Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice

Abushina, Abdelnaser (Supervisor: John IssittStrategies for developing and evaluating staff in the Libyan higher education sector

Al Abri, Mahmood (Supervisor: John IssittThe challenges of the private schools in Oman

Al Balushi, Sabah (Supervisor: John Issitt) Key drivers for a successful English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education system in public schools in the Sultanate of Oman: the use of benchmarking as a form of comparative analysis

Baker, Tina (Supervisor: Paul Wakeling) The impact of change in the FE sector

Bronfman, Paulina (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Sarah Olive) Problematizing Shakespeare through the gaze of Human Rights: Educator's perception and attitudes regarding Human Rights themes in Shakespeare Education

Calderon, Daniel (Supervisor: Eleanor Brown)

Casey, Caroline (Supervisor: Paul WakelingTransition into the legal profession and professional identity development amongst participants from widening participation backgrounds

Chavana Villalobos, Maria Ana (Supervisor: Paul WakelingSocio economic strata, aspirations and foreign language learning: A study of inequality in higher education in Mexico

Chen, Dan (Supervisor: Ian Davies) Political education

Cutajar, Alexander (Supervisor: Ian Davies) The impact of visual primary sources on students' historical understanding

De Gier, Suzanne (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Ian Davies)  The role of school professionals in the implementation of childrens' rights in advanced education systems: lessons for the Netherlands

Demsash, Fasil (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Integration of non-western mathematics teachers in local schools in Canada and the UK

Evans, Dawn (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Eleanor BrownExploring African and Caribbean women's journey towards leadership positions in further education

Fadil, Amal (Supervisor: Ian Davies) How poor people are educating themselves: a case study from the Middle Atlas region in Morocco

Gow, Stephen (Supervisor: John IssittPlagiarism and Chinese culture in higher education

Guo, Fang (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) A cross-cultural comparison of sex education: Estimating peer effects on sexual behaviours among adolescents in China and the UK

Hosack, Ian (Supervisor: Ian DaviesCitizenship education through EFL teaching in Japanese high schools

Karatas, Emre (Supervisor: Ian Davies) 'Teaching of Historical Thinking Skills and Their Assessment in Schools: Samples of England and Turkey'

Lambrechts, Agata (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Charlotte O'BrienAccess to HE for refugees in the EU

Munguia Godinez, Isabel (Supervisors: Ian Davies and Eleanor BrownAnalysis of educational formation devices and their implications in the socio-moral construction of high school students. A comparative study between the United Kingdom and Mexico

Nicklin, Laura (Supervisor: Sarah Olive"Make not your thoughts your prisons”: Using Shakespeare for educational rehabilitation

Ouma, Richard (Supervisor: John IssittAn investigation of the challenges of ensuring quality in managing support services for in-service primary school teachers in universities in Uganda

Rivadeneira Barreiro, Julio (Supervisor: Sally HancockDecision making about the choice of study: Biased drivers for student prospects when choosing a higher education programme

Salem, Sihem (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Lynda DunlopInvestigating university teachers' use of dialogic pedagogy to foster their students' critical thinking and social interaction: a comparative study of Algerian and British English language lectures.

Shannon, Erin (Supervisor: Vanita SundaramNo peace in peacetime: discourses of sexual violence in conflict and on campus

Stead, Annis (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Sally Hancock) Assessing the efficacy of anti-lad culture campaigns in Higher Education

Vuban, Joyce (Supervisor: Paul WakelingEducational wastage and cost implication: The case of state universities in Cameroon

Woodbridge, Stuart (Supervisor: Sarah OliveUsing ancient Greek theatre and educational drama techniques as pedagogical tools in an ESL class for undergraduates at a university in Poland

Zotou, Eleni (Supervisors: Vanita Sundaram and Ian DaviesHow education can be improved in order to reduce social inequality in schools and provide equal opportunities to all

Zou, Ying (Supervisors: Clementine Beauvais and Sarah OliveChinese 'Tiger Mothers' and children's picture-book reading: a qualitative study of adult-child relationship during shared reading


Psychology in Education Research Centre

Al Hashmi, Waleed (Supervisor: Rob KlassenDesigning a selection system for students applying to the College of Education at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in Oman

Al-Hasni, Faiza (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) The use of the motivational strategies in the EFL classroom: colleges of technology in the Sultanate of Oman

Al-Ruqaishi, Salama (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) Teachers’ motivation

Algarni, Badriah (Supervisors: Hugues Lortie-Forgues and Chris Kyriacou) 'The Effects of Digital Games on Student Mathematical Achievement and Motivation in Saudi Arabia Primary Schools'

Almulla, Mazen (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) Exploring the use of Situational Judgement Tests (SJT) in Saudi Arabia

Alrefae, Jenan (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-Crane) Identify a good practice in teaching reading in English as a foreign language to primary government students in Kuwait

Bagazi, Afrah (Supervisor: Poppy Nash) Improving self-regulation skills and its impact of the self-concept of children with learning difficulties in KSA

Bawn, Rosanna (Supervisor: Kathryn Asbury) How the effect of siblings and birth order on Theory of Mind development shapes vocational interests and other variables in adolescents

Crellin, Sarah (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-Crane) Formative assessment: marking and feedback in primary schools with a particular focus on pupil responses

Crosswaite, Madeleine (Supervisors: Kathryn Asbury and Chris Kyriacou) Teacher perceptions of genetic influences on educational achievement

Ding, Xi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) Early childhood education in urban China: a case study of early childhood education programme in Nanjing city

Dowey, Sarah (Supervisor: Kathryn Asbury) The impact of teaching growth mindset strategies on pupil effort and attainment

El-Ashhab, Genan (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-Crane Techniques of teaching reading comprehension to second language learners

Frederick, Zozonaebi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) An exploration of play pedagogy in Nigerian early childhood education

Han, Nara (Supervisor: Rob Klassen'The effects of scaffolding types and the level of self-regulated learning ability on learning outcomes (learning satisfaction, academic achievement) of Flipped Learning environment in Higher Education'

Haslee Sharil, Wan Elia (Supervisor: Chris KyriacouDeveloping a reflective practice model for TESL pre-service teachers

Ismayilova, Khayala (Supervisor: Rob KlassenA comparative analyses of teachers' motivation and job satisfaction in two post-soviet countries

Jiang, Man (Supervisor: Rob KlassenEffectiveness of non-native English speaking teachers on removing psychological/emotional obstacles/negative emotions to second language learning of ESL students

Lopez Romero, Maria (Supervisor: Chris KyriacouThe role of bystanders in bullying.

Onuorah, Ada (Supervisor: Louise TraceyVariations in early childhood and primary education in Africa and western countries: A comparative study of Nigeria and United Kingdom

Oxley, Laura (Supervisor: Poppy NashA mixed method comparative case study on the views of teachers, working in mainstream schools and in alternative provision, about the reasons behind pupil misbehaviour

Ozturk, Lutfi (Supervisor: Poppy NashBehaviour management and development strategies in primary schools: A comparison of primary school head-teachers perspectives and practices in Turkey and the UK

Rusdi, Fairuz (Supervisor: Rob Klassen) Perfectionism in Malaysian academicians: Relationship with job burnout and resilience

Smith, Natalie (Supervisor: Claudine Bowyer-CraneReading comprehension skills in children learning English as an additional language

Symons, Owen (Supervisor: Poppy NashThe effect of assessments on student well-being and mental health

Thorpe, Polly (Supervisor: Poppy NashThe impact of co-constructed story writing on children, parents and schools

Warren, Jordan (Supervisor: Chris KyriacouHow practitioners deal with the topic of death in the classroom

Xu, Xinyuan (Supervisor: Rob KlassenAn achievement goal theory perspective on influences of senior high schools’ awards systems on college students’ academic achievements

Yang, Zeyang (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyThe impact of mobile phone addiction on Chinese university students: Considering test anxiety and academic procrastination


University of York Science Education Group

Agbaje, Rasheedah (Supervisor: Judith BennettEffects of teachers' interaction patterns on students academic performance in basic science at the junior secondary schools in Nigeria

Al Rasheed, Wafa (Supervisor: Judith BennettExploring the role of male and female Saudi secondary school students' voice on evaluating science teaching methods

Al-Hinai, Ghania (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Impact of teaching physics using designed multimedia unit on students' achievement in physics

Albahrani, Abdulmajeed (Supervisor: Jeremy AireyThe impact of using mobile technology in the development of teacher reflective practices and their motivation

Alsaadi, Faris (Supervisor: Jeremy Airey) An analysis of the perception, role and importance given to inquiry-based instruction amongst science teachers in Saudi Arabia.

Armstrong, Stephanie (Supervisor: Judith BennettWhat factors influence the design of the secondary school science curriculum?

Bórquez Sánchez, Estelia (Supervisor: Judith Bennett) Analysis of consistency in teaching practices of science teachers and the development of scientific literacy on their students

Campbell-Mapplebeck, Andrea (Supervisor: Lynda DunlopThe use of feedback to promote learning from a pupil’s perspective

Gummadi, Aparna (Supervisor: Jeremy AireyEffectiveness of nutritional education in early years settings

Herdili Sahin, Hatice (Supervisors: Kerry Knox and John Issitt) The analysis of visual arts curriculum and the research on prospective teachers’ and academicians’ attitudes to curriculum in England

Ratnasingh, Mythily (Supervisor: Judith BennettComparative cross cultural study on context based and concept based science education in three countries (UK, Sri Lanka and Middle East)

Tan, Woei Yng (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Play and the acquisition of scientific voice in primary school science (cognitive and skill development)

Tuan Soh, Tuan Mastura (Supervisors: Judith Bennett and Lynda DunlopThe development and evaluation of problem based learning approach module in the context of 21st century STEM education in Malaysia