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Dr Dusana Dorjee



I am a lecturer in Psychology in Education and I investigate the core neurocognitive mechanisms underlying wellbeing of children and adolescents. I examine modulations in these mechanisms by contemplative practices developing mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and other healthy qualities of the mind. I am particularly interested in neurodevelopmental trajectories of existential wellbeing linked to meaning and purpose in life. This research aims to contribute to broader understanding of changes in the mind and brain associated with wellbeing across the lifespan with implications for education. In my research I apply an integrative multi-method approach with primary focus on converging evidence from event-related brain potentials, psychophysiological markers, reaction time measures and self-report/informant report questionnaires.

I have joined the Department of Education in 2018 and prior to that I was a lecturer at Bangor University. I have received my PhD in Psychology and Cognitive Science (Cognitive Neural Systems Program) from the University of Arizona and have two Masters degrees, one in clinical psychology (Comenius University) and the other in cognitive psychology and cognitive science (University of Arizona). I have also studied philosophy of science and philosophy of mind at doctorate level. I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol and Bangor University.



I am currently developing new comprehensive measures of wellbeing for children, adolescents and adults with the aim to assess the underlying psychological and cognitive mechanisms of wellbeing. I am also developing new longitudinal research projects that will evaluate wellbeing related neurocognitive trajectories of metacognitive self-regulation and existential wellbeing/existential awareness in children and adolescents from a developmental perspective in the context of education.

Research group(s)


I have received funding in support of my research and impact work from the British Academy, The Mind & Life Institute, the ESRC and a Fulbright Fellowship.


I am a collaborator of the National Centre for Population Health and Wellbeing Research (NCPHWR). I also collaborate with researchers in the UK, USA, Germany, Chile and the Czech Republic. My lab hosted visiting researchers from Brazil, Italy, Germany, China and the Czech Republic.

Available PhD research projects

I am interested in supervising PhD projects in the area of Developmental Neuroscience of Wellbeing and Developmental Contemplative Psychology and Neuroscience in the context of education. If you are interested in the following topics, please contact me to discuss PhD supervision options further:

  1. Developmental trajectories of metacognitive self-regulation in relation to mental health and wellbeing in children or adolescents (self-report/informant report, mixed methods or neurodevelopmental methods focus);
  2. Developmental trajectories of existential awareness/existential wellbeing (linked to meaning and purpose in life) in children or adolescents in relation to their mental health (self-report/informant report, mixed methods or neurodevelopmental methods focus);
  3. Cross-cultural differences in existential awareness/existential wellbeing in children or adolescents in relation to their mental health and overall wellbeing (can be linked to academic performance and employ either self-report/informant report/mixed methods or neurodevelopmental approach);
  4. Effects of school-based universal interventions employing contemplative practices (eg mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, gratitude etc.) on developmental trajectories of metacognitive self-regulation and/or existential awareness in children or adolescents (self-report/informant report/mixed methods focus or neurodevelopmental methods focus)

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I have so far supervised to completion over 55 Masters thesis projects, two PhD theses and one DClin thesis. Two additional PhD students are currently completing their thesis projects under my supervision. 

External activities


I am a member of The Society for Psychophysiological Research, Cognitive Neuroscience Society and Association for Psychological Science.

Editorial duties

I am an associate editor for Mindfulness (Springer) and an academic editor for PLOS One.

Invited talks and conferences

Dorjee, D. (2018, February). The Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Mindfulness. Invited talk delivered to the Mindfulness Society, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick, UK.

Dorjee, D. (2017, November). Integrating first-, second- and third-person perspectives of the self-construal in contemplative science research: Implications for education. Invited workshop at the Inaugural Educere Network Meeting. Oxford Department of International Development, Oxford University, UK.

Dorjee, D. & Silverton, S. (2017, October). Mindfulness-based wellbeing programs in Welsh primary schools. Invited talk at the Welsh Public Health Conference. Newport, Wales, UK.

Dorjee, D. (2016, January). Mindfulness and the Developing Brain. Invited talk and workshop presented at the Mindfulness in Schools Conference. London, UK.

Dorjee, D. (2015, October). Mechanisms of Mindfulness: Lessons from electrophysiology. Department of Psychology, City University, London, UK.

Dorjee, D. (2015, June). Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Mindfulness. Invited talk to the Scottish Mindfulness Research Community, Department of General Practice, Glasgow University, Glasgow, UK.

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