Key Department Roles

Role Name
Departmental Management Team (DMT)  
Head of Department Dr Beatrice Szczepek-Reed
Deputy Head of Department (Acting Head of Department from 1 September 2017) Professor Ian Davies
Chair, Board of Studies Dr Vanita Sundaram
Director of Research Professor Rob Klassen
Department Manager Nicky Henson
Departmental Roles  
Deputy Chair, Board of Studies Dr Kerry Knox
Deputy Director of Research Dr Emma Marsden
Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr Jeremy Airey
Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies Dr Lynda Dunlop
Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions Dr Elpida Pavlidou
Director of Graduate School Professor Ian Davies
Director of MA Taught Programmes (Admissions and Assessment) Dr Cylcia Bolibaugh
Director of MA Taught Programmes (Teaching and Learning) Joe Fagan
Director of Research Programmes Professor Chris Kyriacou
Director of Initial Teacher Training Paula Mountford 
Deputy Director of Initial Teaching Training Catherine Shawyer
Chair, Ethics Committee Professor Paul Wakeling
Deputy Chair, Ethics Committee Dr Claudine Bowyer-Crane
Chair, Exceptional Circumstances Affecting Assessment Committee Dr Kathryn Asbury 
Chair, Board of Examiners Dr Danijela Trenkic
Careers Officer Dr Clementine Beauvais
ERASMUS Co-ordinator Dr Norbert Vanek
Postgraduates Who Teach (PGWT) Co-ordinator Dr Irena Kuzborska
CPD Course Development Manager Dr Amanda Naylor
Departmental Impact Lead Dr Kathryn Asbury
Departmental Safety Officer Nicky Henson
Disability Officer Dr Poppy Nash
Equality & Diversity Champion Dr Vanita Sundaram
Research Centre Leaders  
Centre for Research in Language Learning & Use (CReLLU) Professor Leah Roberts 
Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice (CRESJ) Professor Ian Davies
Psychology in Education Research Centre (PERC) Professor Rob Klassen
University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG) Professor Judith Bennett
Programme Leaders - Undergraduate  
BA Education Dr Lynda Dunlop
BA English in Education Dr Amanda Naylor
BA Sociology and Education Dr Poppy Nash
BSc Psychology in Education Dr Claudine Bowyer-Crane
Programme Leaders - Postgraduate  
PhD Applied Linguistics Dr Ursula Lanvers
PhD Education Professor Chris Kyriacou
PhD TESOL Dr Irena Kuzborska
MA Education Dr Eleanor Brown
MA Global and International Citizenship Education Professor Ian Davies
MA Social Justice & Education Professor Ian Davies
MA Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching Dr Danijela Trenkic
MA Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching Dr Danijela Trenkic
MA in Education (by Research) Professor Chris Kyriacou
MA Teaching English to Young Learners Dr Ursula Lanvers
MA Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages Dr Bill Soden
MA Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages, Deputy programme leader Andy Cirocki
PGCE, Initial Teacher Training Dr Claire Smith
PGCE Subject Area Leaders  
English Catherine Shawyer
History Helen Snelson
Whole School Issues (WSI) Professor Paula Mountford
Mathematics Helen Granger
Modern Foreign Languages Liz Black
Science Chris Otter
Schools Partnership Facilator Sue Atkinson
Yvette Bent