Accessibility statement

Alya Farzana Shamshul Ariffin


  • B(Hons) of Human Sciences in English Language and Literature at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) from 2014 – 2017
  • M(Res) in Children’s Literature at the University of Reading, England from 2017 - 2018


I joined the Department of Education as a PhD researcher in October 2021 and am currently in my 1st year. Growing up, I read plenty of children’s books but my love grew even deeper with Children’s Literature whilst doing a course on the subject during my Student Exchange Programme abroad at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, South Korea and I have not looked back since! Prior to this, I have worked as a lecturer teaching English Literature in Malaysia. I also have experiences working and volunteering with children both here in England (Museum of English Rural Life, Reading) and back in my home country Malaysia. 


PhD Topic:

Photographs and illustrations of photographs in Children’s Literature.



I will be studying photographs and representations of photographs (they can be illustrated in the forms of a painting, drawing, or others but understood to be photographs) in various genres within Children’s Literature such as graphic novels, picturebooks and hybrid novels. I will be looking from the fields of visual arts in particular photography, but also other areas which are pertinent to my study.

I aim to study the purpose of the insertion of these visuals, the way they are depicted to the implications of the insertion of these visuals to the literary work.



  1. Clementine Beauvais

Contact details

Alaya Farzana Shamshul Ariffin
PhD Researcher (PhD in Education)
Department of Education

Instagram: @sheisalyafarz