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Qi Wang



Master of Public Health (MPH) at Dartmouth College, Geisel School of Medicine.

Main Work Experience in the US (past 10 years):

  • Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Centre (US): employed by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Centre in core management as the only Chinese graduate that year; led a project in screening frauds, violations, and risks at the centre level in compliance with the national health regulations.
  • The Third Brain Research Institute (US): collaborated with hospitals, medical schools, and schools in researching to develop immersive learning and teaching models to improve learning efficacy.
  • Senses Global Labs & Ventures (US Sole Proprietorship), Healthcare and Cognitive Psychology Laboratory: As a founding member of the Metaverse Standards
    Forum, gave the Statements of Support on behalf of the company on the launch of the forum; designed study to measure the psychophysiological index through technologies (e.g., VR) to investigate individual mental health; (co-)organized national/international conferences, such as the 2018 World Conference on VR Industry – IEEE Sub-forum sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.




Impact of Loving-Kindness Induction on Self-Other Related Mind-Wandering and Wellbeing: an RCT Study.

Short abstract:

Mind-wandering, described as task-irrelevant thoughts, is often self-focused and associated with negative affect. This presentation will report preliminary findings from a study which investigated whether the self-focused aspect of mind-wandering can be reduced by Loving-Kindness Meditation (LKM) that invites other-related positive thoughts in contrast to mindfulness meditation that is more self-focused. Both types of meditation were expected to reduce negative affect in comparison to a control attention induction condition and changes in state wellbeing were also investigated. The study builds on a recently developed wellbeing theory, that expands the scope of wellbeing from self-focus to caring and compassionate other-focus, and on a recently proposed notion of humanity- oriented trait, a positive personality trait of loving-kindness, compassion, and intention to give and receive love.


Dr. Dusana Dorjee


Conference contributions and academic presentations

Wang, Q., Dorjee, D. (2023) Impact of Loving-Kindness Induction on Self-Other Related Mind-Wandering and Wellbeing: an RCT Study. Presentation accepted at the International Society for Contemplative Research (ISCR) Inaugural Annual Conference 2023, University of California, San Diego, California, United States, 2 February 2023.

Jessop, N., Kazi, D., & Wang, Q. (2022). Presentation at the Enhancing Research Culture for Minoritized Academics Webinar (project funded by the UKRI), University of York (virtual presentation), 11 November 2022.

Professional activities

  • Six years of experience in the IEEE Standard Association (SA) in establishing working groups with companies in developing international standards in emerging technologies.
  • Served (had served) as the secretary in working groups: P2418.7™ Blockchain in Supply Chain Finance, P2790™ Biometric Liveness Detection, and P2418.6™ Standard for the Framework of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Use in Healthcare and the Life and Social Sciences.
  • Assisted the IEEE Consumer Technology Society (CTSoc) in establishing sisterships with government organizations such as the China Institute of Communications (CIC) as a member of the IEEE CTSoc, IEEE SA, IEEE Young Professionals, and CIC.


Teaching experience

  • Development and Cognition
  • Research Methods II: Answering Questions
  • Planning and Communicating Research

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