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PhD studies in progress


Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Education

Agoni, Laura (Supervisor: Andy Cirocki) An investigation of novice Italian EFL secondary school teachers’ beliefs about communicative language teaching, their classroom practices and teacher training provision in Italy: A mixed method study

Alhajri, Tahreer (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Investigating the influence of oral corrective feedback types over EFL learners' willingness to communicate

Al-Abdul Razzaq, Mohammad (Supervisor: Cylcia BolibaughCeiling effects in adult implicit second language teachers

Aldossary, Saddah (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Saudi Teachers' attitudes towards using social media for continuing professional development in Saudi Arabia

Algothami, Haifa (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) Language Aptitude, experience and second language pronunciation proficiency development: a comparative study

Alharee, Manal (Supervisor: Khaled El Ebyary) Wiki based collaborative approaches to teaching English writing

Al Thebi, Sultan (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyUsing Simulation Games to Enhance Second Language Vocabulary Retention and Transferability

Alqarni, Budur (Supervisor: Monika Schmid) Acquisition and attrition among English speakers

Alzahrany, Rana (Supervisor: Irena Kuzborska) Effects of Pen-Pal Letter Writing on EFL Saudi Students’ Communicative Ability, Language Competence and Writing Motivation

Alsharekh, Nour (Supervisor: Bimali Indrarathne) Teaching Critical Academic Writing to First Year EFL Students  

Baisengirov, Yessentay (Supervisor: Andy Cirocki) Pre-Service Teachers' Perceptions of English Language Teacher Identity Formation in Kazakhstan.

Baumber, Jo (Supervisor Ursula Lanvers) Purposes and effects on English language learning participants following China's Double Reduction Policy: a Critical Discourse and stakeholder analysis.

Choo, Rui Qi (Supervisor: Marilyn Vihman and Tamar Keren-Portnoy) The acquisition of segments and tones in Mandarin: An observational and experimental study

Ciftci, Ayse (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe Importance of Learning Heritage Language and Literacy Support for Bilingual Children Language Learning

Davison-Hoult, Abigail (Supervisors: Nadia Mifka-Profozic & Elipda Pavlidou) Native and Non-native English Language Teachers' Feedback Seeking Behavior

Diao, Linghui (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe processing and production of subject and object pronouns in English as second language

Fu, Xingyi (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) Investigating the conceptual changes of motion event cognition in advanced Chinese learners of English: a breaking Continuous Flash Suppression study

Ge, Huiting (Supervisor: Zoe HandleyInvestigating the relationship between utterance fluency and learners’ and teachers’ perceptions of fluency

Greatbatch, Emily (Supervisor: Emma MarsdenImproving motivation and language knowledge and proficiency in second language learning in low exposure contexts

Hendra, Akbar Nadjar (Supervisor: Heather MarsdenThe acquisition of interlanguage aspect and tense of Idonesian (L1) learner of English (L2) and Japanese (L3)

Huang, Siying (Joyce) (Supervisor Andy Cirocki) English-medium Instruction in a Chinese University: a case study with EMI teachers

Istode, Irina-Ileana (Supervisor: ) Romanian EFL Teachers' beliefs about and engagement in Continuing Professional Development: A Mixed-methods Study

Junaid, Nadia (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Exploring The Impact of Automated Feedback on Students Performance in Writing Assessment

Kim, Jihyun (Supervisor: Heather Marsden) The Effect of the Semantic Features that Determine Subjecthood on Korean L2 Learners' Acquisition of Lexical Causative Sentences

Kaas Seerup, Julie (Supervisors: Carole Torgerson & David Torgerson): Examining effects and implementation of early school-based academic interventions aimed at struggling students: Using the tutoring programme ‘Læseklar’ as a case study

Liu, Xinyang (Christina) (Supervisor: Nadia Mifka-Profozic) Investigating the impact of Schema theory on Chinese readers' comprehension

Liu, Yu (Supervisor: Leah RobertsL1 influence on the acquisition of L2 collocations by Chinese learners of English

Mackiewicz, Justyna (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effect of language competency in academic success among International students in UK higher education

Minett, Elaine (Supervisor: Emma Marsden) An evaluation of two contrasting teaching approaches in the primary languages classroom

Moutis, Mia (Efthimia) (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The Impact of Perceptual Training on Comprehensibility in Spontaneous Speech

Ownby, Kathryn (Supervisor: Danijela Trenkic) The effects of prefixes and roots in appropriate child literature on vocabulary

Pan, Junlan (Supervisor: Emma Marsden) Developing and validating an internet-based battery of Tests of Aptitude for Language Learning (TALL)

Pealing, Samuel (Supervisor: Bill SodenTowards the Development of an Assessment-based Pre-Sessional English for Academic Purposes Writing Syllabus for International Postgraduate Students in the UK

Rao, Jie (Supervisor: Supervisor: Leah RobertsLearning Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language Among College Students in the UK and in China: A comparison of the motivation and influencing factors

Rosmala, Dewi (Supervisor: Leah Roberts) L1 interference in L2 writing of Indonesian EFL students

Shi, Xiaqian (Supervisor: Danijela TrenkicAcademic, Socio-Cultural and Psychological Adjustments in UK Higher Education: Investigating the experience of overseas Chinese students in UK universities

Sudwan, Onsutee (Supervisor: Jan Hardman) Conversation analytic study to investigate task design and learner interpretation in task implementation in Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT)

Wang, Wenzhao (Supervisor: Bill Soden) Promoting novice high school EFL teachers¿ language assessment literacy: A mixed-methods in China

Whitehouse, Jane (Supervisor: Ursula Lanvers) An Intervention Study inspired by Task-Based Language Teaching to ascertain the impact on pupil motivation at Key Stage 3.

Wong, Albert (Supervisor: ) EAP teachers' use of interaction strategies to promote discipline-specific learning

Yu, Jinglei (Supervisor: Zoe Handley) The relation between L2 cognitive and utterance fluency


Centre for Research on Education and Social Justice

Almuhaidan, Arwa (Supervisor: Vanita SundaramExploring the Gender Stereotypes in Children's books in Saudi Arabia

Alqahtani, Asma (Supervisor: Leah RobertsThe power of inter-cultural awareness in TESOL and the transformative power of intercultural understanding: A problematisation of inter¬cultural communication

Alshaikhi, Ashwaq (Supervisors: Volha Arkhipenka & Amanda Naylor) Investigating the Critical Pedagogy of EFL Teaching and Learning in Saudi Universities, Particularly the Tabuk University Preparatory Year Programme

Armstrong, Rosanna (Supervisors: Leah Roberts & Eleanor Brown) Is Citizenship education the same as character education? A qualitative study of expert participants. 

Arun Kumar, Sahana (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Exploring consent and consent education in schools in the Indian context

Bellot, Nathaniel (Nate) (Supervisor: Eleanor Brown) Development Education within the Secondary Education System in England ¿ A Critical Pedagogy for Post-Development

Bowling, Abigail (Supervisors: Sally Hancock and Paul WakelingThe career-decision making of early career teachers in England.

Casmana, Asep (Supervisor: Eleanor Brown) A whole public-school approach in promoting Global Citizenship Education in Indonesia

Clark, Rebecca (Supervisors: Reva Yunus and Paul Wakeling) A comparative study of young people growing up on council estates set in different local contexts to understand the effects of place and socio-economic standing on school attainment and progression to higher education

Douglas, Karis (Supervisors: Constantino Dumangane Jr and Leah Roberts) Student-teacher interactions in multiethnic secondary school
classrooms in the North of England

Gilani, David (Supervisor: Liz Thomas and Daniel McArthur) Individualised connectedness: how can universities enhance student outcomes by helping students to better understand their own belonging needs?

Heffron, Katie (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Lynda Dunlop) Decolonising the university: decolonising ourselves to transform the systems and practices that shape us

Holman, Ceri (Supervisors: Lynda Dunlop and Neil Carter) Investigating education and youth environmental activism

Holmes, Heather (Supervisor: Amanda Naylor) A Study of the Reading Habits of Secondary School English Teachers

Jabali, Maha (Supervisor: Clementine Beauvais) Online Safety and Risks: Insights from Saudi Female Students, Mothers, and Teachers.

Jack, Victoria (Supervisors: Paul Roberts and Duncan Jackson) Effective transcultural communication

Jiang, Huaijue (Violet) (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Exploring parents' views on Relationships and Sexuality Education curricula in China

Kazi, Dorjee (Supervisors: Sally Hancock and Paul WakelingExploration of Collaboration in Indian Universities: Its realities in Organisational Design and Scholar Experiences

Kemp, Alexander (Supervisors: Zoe Baker and Paul WakelingCare-experienced graduates studying postgraduate taught degrees: motivations, experiences and the impact of the undergraduate ‘cliff-edge’ of support.

Lu, Meiyao (Supervisors: Daniel Kyreko and Paul Wakeling) Equality in Education in China: An Analysis of the Policy of Children of Migrant Workers to Sit National College Entrance Exam Locally

Mohite, Sachin Mohan (Supervisors: Chelsea Selllers and Leah Roberts) Assessing Citizenship Education in India

Okolo, Chidi (Supervisors: Constantino Dumangane Jr and Paul WakelingSoft Systems Methodology in Higher Education: Narrowing attainment gaps between higher education students from different ethnic backgrounds

Provis, Louis (Supervisor: Vanita Sundaram) Relationships and Sex Education

Sait, Alhareth (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Sally HancockInternationalisation of small higher education institutions: challenges and opportunities. A case study from Saudi Arabia

Salem, Sihem (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Lynda DunlopInvestigating university teachers' use of dialogic pedagogy to foster their students' critical thinking and social interaction: a comparative study of Algerian and British English language lectures.

Shamshul Arrifin, Alya (Supervisor: Clementine Beauvais) The nature of the gaze in young adult literature

Thomson, Helen (Supervisor: Amanda NaylorWhat are the factors influencing boys’ (non-)selection of English in post-compulsory secondary education in England?

Walji, Tasneem (Supervisor: Peter Sutoris and and Naomi Holmes) Is global learning the key for a prospective key stage three geography curriculum in the digital world?

Woods, Michelle (Supervisor: Liz Thomas and Zoe Baker) What can be learnt from students who have persisted in HE after seriously considering leaving, to improve the persistence of others within the Irish higher education sector


Psychology in Education Research Centre

Atigolo, Joy (Supervisor: Nathalie Noret) Bullying and its effect on mental health and academic performance of high school students

Bradford, Jenna (Supervisor: Robert Klassen) The significance of personality traits, and other factors, in the retention of teachers in primary settings.

Coleman, Helen (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Changing policies and procedures in Higher Education in relation to professional boundaries between staff and students.

Collingwood, Leann (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Effects of school-based universal mental health and wellbeing interventions on developmental trajectories of the self-regulation and self-world capacities and/or existential awareness in adolescents

Deniz, Emre (Supervisor: Umar ToseebCross-Cultural Differences in Sibling Bullying in Families of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: An Intercultural Examination of Families in the UK and Turkey

Dima, Alexandra (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Adding mindfulness and creativity to the list of skills needed for the future

Doyle, Kayleigh (Supervisor: Lisa Kim and Kathryn Asbury) Creative Arts Based Pedagogy (CABP) for Students with Autism

Dromey, Helen (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Rethinking Continuation in Instrumental Music Teaching through Democratised Learning

Dundas, Suzanna (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyThe relationship between narrative identity and career interests, aspirations, expectations and plans

Frederick, Zozonaebi (Supervisor: Louise Tracey) An exploration of play pedagogy in Nigerian early childhood education

Hankins, Bee (Supervisor: Beth Bell) Perceptions of Transgender People: Reframing Gender Dysphoria

Hejazi, Husna (Supervisor: Nathalie Noret) Psychology of Trauma in Education: Nurturing through education

Leary, Rowena (Supervisor: Kathryn AsburyNarratives of childhood loneliness: the impact on adult identity and mental health

Lennon, Rosemary (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Establishing if the delivery of a curriculum intervention to children as young as 10 years, could enable children to self-regulate their emotions and behaviours

Mansell, Elizabeth (Lizzie) (Supervisor: Anna Bull) Using the Prevent Duty in Education to reduce Incel Violence

Peckover, Lee (Supervisor: Dusana DorjeeDevelopmental trajectories of the metacognitive self-regulatory capacity in relation to mental health and wellbeing in children (or adolescents)

Qiu, Yue (Supervisor: Sebastian Suggate) A Correlational Study Investigating Whether Semantic Retrieval Facilitates Unfamiliar Face Identity Processing

Shannon, Clare (Supervisor: Rob KlassenEnhancing intrinsic motivation in learning for adolescents: Lessons learnt from Educational Neuroscience for best practice in education

Sharman, Lauren (Supervisor: Nadia Jessop) Aiding the transition of Hong Kong international school students, to higher education, during times of disruption

Sheikh-Iddenden, Salma (Supervisor: Kathryn Asbury) Heritage, narratives, identity and outcomes amongst South Asian Muslims in the UK.

Shepherd, Jessie (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee & Vanita Sundaram) Teachers’ Perceptions and Pedagogical Practices Regarding Social and Emotional Learning for Refugee and Migrant Girls

Wang, Cong (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Exploring the neural correlates of the Self-regulatory capacity and Self-world capacity in relation to wellbeing

Wang, Qi (Supervisor: Dusana Dorjee) Impact of Loving-Kindness Induction on Self-Other Related Mind-Wandering and Wellbeing: an RCT Study.

Wild, Sarah (Supervisor: Nathalie Noret) How parents cope with the stress of their child being bullied

Wilding, Kirsty (Supervisor: Sophie Von Stumm) Environmental and Genomic Predictors of Child Language

Williams, Rosina (Supervisor: Sebastian Suggate) Implications of Mental Imagery Ability on Reading

Wilson Katelynn (Supervisor: Nathalie Noret) The nature and correlates of appearance related bullying in adolescence



University of York Science Education Group

Almashari, Faisal (Supervisor: Jeremy AireyViews of Saudi teachers and students on being involved in school-based extracurricular activities available at high schools.

Almutawa, Wejdan (Supervisor: Kerry Knox) Blended learning: how much is too much technology in early years education?

Brakovic-Thomas, Maya (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Supporting youth environmental activism through role-playing vignettes: A view behind the Veil of Ignorance.

Brzezniak, Marzena (Supervisor: Jeremy Airey) Do teacher beliefs and understanding about vaccinations impact their instructional practice, and does this in turn impact long-term student outcomes in terms of vaccine hesitancy?

Clayton, Sarah (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) The role of knowledge in education for the climate crisis: the impact of curriculum design and direct instruction in the teaching of climate change

Green Vella, Nicole (Supervisor: Lynda DunlopUnderstanding science: An evaluation of teaching the Nature of Science in Primary School Science

Heffron, Katie (Supervisors: Eleanor Brown and Lynda Dunlop) Decolonising the university: decolonising ourselves to transform the systems and practices that shape us. 

Holman, Ceri (Supervisor: Lynda Dunlop) Investigating education and youth environmental activism

Ishiekwene, Ngozi (Nora) (Supervisor: Kerry Knox) The academic impact of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic on assessment in post-16 biology education

Li, Wei (Supervisor: Sally Hancock) Exploring doctoral graduates' career trajectories in China

Lyon, Rosy (Supervisor: Kerry KnoxExploring Methods of Integrating Published Research into Higher Education Science Delivery; What is Effective and Why?

Mansell, Lizzie (Supervisors: Anna Bull and Lynda Dunlop) How do teachers experience the
Prevent duty as relates to extreme misogyny and gender-based violence?

McArdle, Dominic (Supervisors: Lynda Dunlop and Kerry Knox) A case study of two A-Level subjects at a UK sixth form college to explore whether or not general academic skills exist

Nemukuyu, Cleophas (Cleo) (Supervisors: Jeremy Airey and Chelsea Sellers) Exploring the constitutive relationship between secondary school science practical work and the dual nature of science literacy.

Walji, Tasneem (Supervisors: Peter Sutoris and Naomi Holmes) Is global learning the key for a prospective key stage three geography curriculum in the digital world?

Wicker, Liz (Supervisor: Jeremy Airey) Genomics Education

You, Luying - visiting student (Supervisors: Paul Wakeling and Lynda Dunlop) The Production of Urban Primary School Green Spaces in the UK