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Helen Coleman


  • BA (Hons) in European Studies with French at University of Durham - 1999
    • PG Cert in Social Research Methods at University of Teesside - 2002
    • MSc in Social Research Methods at University of Teesside - 2006
    • PGCE in PCET / HE at Glyndŵr University - 2011
    • PhD in Education at University of York - present

Helen is an experienced, UK based, Senior Lecturer in Education and Research Design, Methods and Statistics at Glyndŵr University. Helen has published on academic writing, preparing for university, and other student reference texts. Helen is currently working closely with SAGE Publishing on a new and exciting global resource to empower students to develop, and practice, the skills needed to thrive at college or university through ten dynamic multimedia modules. Helen’s research interests are closely linked to teaching research methods, changing policies and procedures in education and the student experience.


Changing policies and procedures in Higher Education in relation to professional boundaries between staff and students.


University students worldwide face being in a vulnerable position when engaging with staff due to a power imbalance of positions during their working relationships. Relationships which echo those experienced by healthcare and therapy professionals in their settings. Regularly monitored, and adjusted when necessary, clearly defined professional boundaries are accepted as policies with detailed procedures, and proper and correct ethical behaviour which must be maintained and adhered to at all times. The outcome being the creation of rules and regulations which support protecting everyone, and a positive, mutually beneficial, and professional partnership and outcome.

Once conducted, this research could be used to inform universities policies and procedures relating to professional boundaries, providing an evidence base on which to consider new policies, procedures, and potential benefits they may bring to the staff–student boundary issues from the university, staff and student perspectives.



Dr Anna Bull, Prof Leah Roberts

Publications & Prizes


Coleman, H. (2019). Polish Your Academic Writing. SAGE Publications Ltd.

Coleman, H. (2020). Your Super Quick Guide to University. SAGE Publications Ltd.

Coleman, H. (2021). Get Your Data from Experiments. SAGE Publications Ltd.


In 2018 Helen was awarded the first Glyndŵr University Vice Chancellor's Award. The award was created and presented to Helen for 'showing such deep commitment to staff and student welfare, health and safety, contributing to improvements to policies and procedures and courageous and pioneering work in Education'.


Teaching Experience

Teaching experience

Helen is an experienced, UK based, Senior Lecturer in Education and Research Design, Methods and Statistics at Glyndŵr University. Helen’s specialist areas include Education, Research Design Methods and Statistics, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Social Justice, Childhood Law, Policy and Practice.

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Helen Coleman
PhD Researcher (PhD in Education)
Department of Education