Our team are all happy to help and available to talk to should you need.

Whether it's some straightforward advice or a difficult situation, they'll do their best to point you in the right direction.

Your support network

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James Reception is at the Roger Kirk Centre. For opening times and contact details, see:

College Manager

Your college's operational lead and your first point of contact for general enquiries and support. Deals with the day to day running of things. Oversees welfare issues and can talk through any of your more serious concerns if needed.

College Administrator

Provides ongoing welfare and wellbeing support, as well as facilitating training and development opportunities for students.

College Life Coordinator (CLC)

Provides welfare and wellbeing support and delivers key student experience projects for the college.

College Life Advisors (CLA)

Support community activity and offers peer support for issues such as homesickness, making friends and settling in to uni life.

Your College Manager: Lenore Klassen

Hi, I’m Lenore. My role is to support students both on and off-campus to thrive and succeed throughout their time at university.

I’m keen to get to know our members, to support you when times are tough and to hear any ideas about events or campaigns you would like to see or make happen yourself. I also help deal with any escalated welfare issues.

 I’ve been at York since 2013 when I moved here from Canada.  I know the challenges of starting out in a new situation and will do my best to help all our students feel at home in the James College Community.  

Your College Administrator: Bryony Cox

Hi, I’m Bryony, your James College Administrator.  I’m your first point of contact as a student. I run the day-to-day administration of the college, support the College Manager and am your first point of contact for internal and external enquiries relating to the college. As well as this, I’ll liaise with Accommodation Services, Facilities Management and Academic Departments.  

If you need help with your accommodation, wellbeing, any general enquiries, or just want someone to talk to, please come and speak to me.

  • Email: james@york.ac.uk
  • Phone number: 01904 324013
  • Room:  JH0/103 (James Lodge)

Your College Life Coordinator (CLC)

Hi, I’m Will and I’m the College Life Coordinator for James and Derwent Colleges. I work with the student committees, mentors, and CLAs to provide well-being support and to run events throughout the year. I’m new to York after studying Linguistics at Bangor and Newcastle and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all, as well as making sense of a new home. Feel free to get in touch if you want a chat or if you have any suggestions about making college life as enjoyable as possible.

Your College Life Advisors (CLAs)

Your College Life Advisors (Nina and Millie) are postgraduate students who work part time to support our students. They provide peer support for issues such as homesickness, making friends and the common challenges of University life. They also assist in the creation and delivery of events, campaigns and activities for the College.  If you’ve got an event idea, or just need to talk, come and speak to them.

James College Committee

The James College committee arrange events for you to enjoy as well as represent you across the university. They also plan your freshers week activities.. Keep up to date with everything that is happening through the social media channels . 

Other help and support

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James Reception is at the Roger Kirk Centre. For opening times and contact details, see: