The College Music Scheme

The College Music Scheme allows students access to music facilities and opportunities in their college. Sign-up for free to get a regular newsletter and priority invitations to events and activities, such as choirs, workshops and equipment hire.

For a small add-on fee (semesterly or yearly), members can access whichever of the college-hosted music facilities suits their needs, from an instrument lending library, to band practice facilities.

Sign up to the College Music Scheme

The benefits


Access our instrument lending library and hire gig equipment.


Book and use our practice rooms and recording studio on campus.


Join in on a variety of musical groups, events and activities

If you'd like to help

If you have an old instrument lying around that’s waiting to be used, we’d love to give it a new lease of life by putting it in the hands of music scheme members. Similarly, if you’re musically inclined and would like to share your talents, we’re always looking for more help.

If you’re interested in donating musical equipment, time or experience, contact