What are our masterclasses?

Leaders in business, charity and the public sector speak on challenging topics. These masterclasses attract an audience of prominent figures, students, staff and the general public.

Speakers share responses to challenges they've faced, and pose social, ethical, environmental and business dilemmas.

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Featured speakers

Miles Manning

For this Masterclass, Miles Manning explores the effect of crisis on decision-making and wellbeing, with over thirty years’ experience of Policing within The Metropolitan Police, Miles speaks about the lessons he learned during multiple deployments both within the UK and internationally.

David Caswell

In this talk, David Caswell examines ChatGPT and generative AI from the perspective of media.

Ian Foxley

Based on his ‘lived experience’ as a whistleblower behind the Airbus Group/GPT case, Ian Foxley describes how he discovered corruption within defence procurement contracts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Laura Ibbotson

Listen to Laura Ibbotson offering her insight on how working parents can be better supported - from what we can learn from other countries, to what government and businesses can do. 

Steve Taylor

Distinguished Visiting Professor Steve Taylor talks about practising the art of leadership well, and how you need to master the craft of leadership first through connections with others.  

Phil Henry

With over 45 years of engineering experience, Phil Henry speak discussed how to engineer a nature based solution within an urban environment.

Mike Saks

Drawing on his wide experience in senior position in universities, advising governments and other national and international bodies, Mike Saks discusses responsible leadership in turbulent times.

Jyoti Sharma

In this talk, founder and CEO of TaraCares, Jyoti Sharma, discusses why the insurmountable public health challenge of menopause affects the total health of the society with females being the prime victim of centuries of dismissal by families, societies, governments and healthcare systems – the very structures that must safeguard female health for its continued survival.

Tristam Hicks

Tristam Hicks speaks about his book 'The War on Dirty Money' which challenges the global approach, arguing that complacency, self-interest and misunderstanding have now created longstanding absurdities.

Seijiro Takeshita

In this masterclass, Dr Seijiro Takeshita discusses the phenomenon 'Karoshi', death from overwork, and its broader implications for employees and society at large.

Andrew Robshaw

Andrew Robshaw discusses Thankonomics which challenges the fundamentals of business and economics by exploring the true meaning of words like value, money and appreciation. We try to create value, money and appreciation every day, spending our lives in organisations trying to increase them. But what do these words really mean?

Sanjay Bhandari

In the wake of the killing of George Floyd in 2020, organisations worldwide raced to demonstrate their commitment to equality. So did English football, setting up the Football Leadership Diversity Code (FLDC) - a promise to address structural inequality. But does football really fully confront the reality of inequality in the game?

Nick Waters

Pilot Nick Waters talks about a typical day in the life of an airline pilot, the industry from a wider context including trends over the last 20 years and what has separated the winners from the losers and the future big challenges in aviation.