Work with our students on research and consultancy projects.

Your organisation benefits from academic insights, while we gain important data, combining theoretical approaches with real-world challenges.

Businesses, charities and public sector organisations have worked with us to develop valuable data, potential scenarios, plans, recommendations, and more.



Engage our academic experts to address short- to medium-term organisational challenges and opportunities. We have worked with numerous businesses, public sector and third sector organisations to help frame problems, co-deliver solutions and support implementation of change.

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Business consultancy projects

Set-up: November to December
Project start: January
Delivery: March

Our undergraduate students deliver a six-week part-time consultancy assignment in groups for individual clients on a project specified by you.

We have impressive feedback from our clients each year. Examples of previous consultancy projects include:

  • Development of an ethical policy template for a large food manufacturer
  • Devising a strategy for boosting visitor numbers at a national charity’s site in York
  • Researching the market demand and consumer profile for a small cosmetics company

Research dissertations

Set-up: January to March
Project start: May
Delivery: September

Our postgraduate students engage in four months of full-time research on a challenging investigative area.

We regularly work with organisations to align these research dissertations to business needs. Your organisation gets interesting research and students benefit from working on a live project.

Examples of previous research dissertations include:

  • Customers' motivations for charitable giving for a national retail company
  • Millennials' changing customer values for a regional service company