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Heritage Protection  


Module leader: Dr Louise Cooke (Autumn term) & Claire Smith (Spring term)


  • to familiarise with the key UK organisations, legislation, policy and guidance for the historic environment
  • to enable students to understand the key processes for managing change in the historic environment as part of the local planning process
  • to introduce the scope and diversity of international heritage policy and conservation charters
  • to introduce students to the respective roles of the principle organisations involved internationally

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of this module students should:

  • be familiar with the history and scope of the key statutory and policy instruments which relate to heritage protection in the UK
  • understand the roles of key UK organisations in the implementation of statutory and non-statutory protection of the historic environment
  • be able to critically appraise proposals for change to heritage assets and their setting in relation to legislative frameworks and local policy
  • be aware of the range of  international heritage policy and the key international conservation charters
  • appreciate the roles of the principal organisations involved internationally in heritage conservation.


  • Session 1: National perspectives on heritage protection in the UK 
  • Session 2: Historic Environment Local Management 
  • Session 3: The International Context 
  • Session 4: Engaging with the Planning System 

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