Full list of modules and timetable

Please note: this list may alter slightly from year to year depending on staff availability and timetabling


Core/option modules, weeks 2-9 Research skills, weeks 2-5
Analysing historic buildings Buildings survey (module runs twice)
Analysis and visualisation Community activism (module runs twice)
Animal bones for archaeologists Experimental archaeology design & practice
Approaches to conservation Human bone practicals 1 (module runs twice)
The archaeology of human bones Landscape and earthworks survey
Becoming human: evolving minds and societies Practical buildings conservation
Concepts of landscape Virtual anatomy 1
The context and practice of gathering field archaeology data Virtual reality and 3D modelling for Archaeology
Cultural heritage management 1 Zooarchaeology 1: identifying animal bones
Hard tissue biology  
Issues in Historical Archaeology 1: Making the nation  Research skills, weeks 6-9
Mesolithic lifeways Buildings survey (module runs twice)
Primate ecology and evolution Characterisation
Public History I: Meaning and Values (elective) Community activism (module runs twice)
The Viking Age: People Places and Things Digital Imaging
  Geographical information systems (GIS)
For all MA/MSc students: Dissertation Preparation Skills Geometric morphometrics 1
  Heritage protection (module runs twice)
  Human bones practicals 1 (module runs twice)


Core/option modules, weeks 2-9Research skills, weeks 2-5
Analysis, interpretation, and dissemination of field archaeology data Artefacts from excavation
Ancient biomolecules Debates in museum theory and practice
Archaeology of households Geometric morphometrics 2
Cultural heritage management 2 Heritage protection (module runs twice)
Debates in Funerary Archaeology Human bones practicals 2 (module runs twice)
Digital publication and web technologies Perspectives in landscape research
Domestic historic interiors Spatial analysis in GIS
Issues in Historical Archaeology 2: Empire of improvement Sustainable building conservation skills
Experimental archaeology in context Using archaeological data
Functional and musculoskeletal anatomy Project Management Skills
Human evolutionary anatomy Research skills, weeks 6-9
Hunting and gathering societies Applied Buildings Survey
Interpreting animal remains Conservation solutions
Interpreting historic buildings Geophysical survey
Issues in cultural heritage conservation Heritage education
Medieval settlement and communities Heritage film-making
Mesolithic Funerary Archaeology Human bones practicals 2 (module runs twice)
Themes in the prehistoric landscape Material culture theory in practice
  Virtual anatomy 2
For all MA/MSc students: Dissertation Preparation Skills Working on the web
  Zooarchaeology 2: exploring the assemblage
  Project Management Skills