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Our graduates: MA Medieval Archaeology

Alumni of the MA Medieval Archaeology have gone on to further studies and into varied careers in archaeology and a range of associated fields.

Here’s what some recent graduates had to say about the course:

Emma Boast

Emma “Bruni” Boast

MA Medieval Archaeology, 2012

Owner and manager of Nidavellnir

Nidavellnir is a small business based in York, which creates Viking period clothing and knitted items such as hats, socks and gloves made from the Viking craft of nalbinding.

Since finishing my MA, I have had so many wonderful opportunities within the heritage industry, which have been based on the strong archaeological foundations I gained at York. It has enabled me to develop the confidence to start my own business, as well as implement Viking Age projects with leading individuals in the field, both locally and internationally. I still stay in touch with fellow students, as well as lecturers at King’s Manor and look forward to pursuing a PhD with the Department in the near future.

I had a brilliant experience during my MA, and the knowledge and support I have received has made it one of the best achievements of my life!

Jose Vilahomat

Jose Vilahomat

MA Medieval Archaeology, 2012

Field Officer, Flat Earth Archaeology LLC, Arkansas, US

Since graduating from the MA, I have been working with Flat Earth Archaeology in my home state of Arkansas, a professional unit doing survey in advance of major building and infrastructure projects. This is a small but growing company and now I have a great permanent job where I find amazing sites every day, and where my Masters has given me the opportunity to succeed and even get a promotion. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my degree and the options that it has given me, since now I will not only be leading crew in the field, but also co-authoring reports with the PI.

Heather Garside

Heather Garside

MA Medieval Archaeology, 2010

Historic Site Manager and Curator, Passaic County Historical Society, NJ, USA

The Medieval Archaeology course at York provided me with countless opportunities and experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. The connections and friendships I made with my fellow students, including some students pursuing other degrees, exposed me to new and different ideas.

My MA year widened my view of the field of archaeology and prepared me with skills useful in archaeology as well as other heritage fields. Today, I find myself referencing information and experiences I had at York in my position as a historic site manager and curator.

Rob Collins

Rob Collins

MA Medieval Archaeology, 2001

Finds Liaison Officer for North East England, Portable Antiquities Scheme

The Medieval Archaeology MA provided me with an excellent grounding in the archaeology and history of Europe c. 500-1500, and was instrumental in my decision to pursue a PhD. I’ve been able to apply the skills and knowledge gained during my time at York in working for the Portable Antiquities Scheme and as a Research Associate at Newcastle University.