Promoting Dignity and Respect at the University of York

The University aims to provide a working and learning environment which will enable staff and students to fulfil their personal potential. In order to achieve this, the University is committed to creating an environment which promotes dignity and respect and where harassment and bullying are unacceptable.

The University's commitment to eliminating bullying and harassment is stated in the Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy and the Equality and Diversity Policy for Students. It is implemented through the Code of Practice on Harassment and monitored by a system for recording incidents of harassment.

The University’s work on harassment is informed by consultation. Key actions arising from recent consultations - the Staff Surveys of 2008 and 2011 and the Race Equality Consultation with staff and students - were:

  • The inclusion of key messages on harassment and appropriate behaviour in University general training courses in order to reach a wider audience
  • The launch of the University’s in-house mediation service
  • Work with external partners to address off-campus harassment

What are my responsibilities and what can I do to help eliminate harassment and bullying at the University of York?

Updated by the Equality and Diversity Office

August 2017


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