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We can offer a range of options to suit you and your budget, from economy rooms in older buildings to brand new deluxe accommodation with spacious shared kitchens featuring sofas and LCD televisions.

All of our accommodation is on or very close to campus, so you will never be far from lectures, the library, catering outlets and student bars.

Key facts

  • Our postgraduate single rooms range from £103.11 to £139.23 per week
  • Our prices include heating, electricity, water, contents insurance and internet access – with wifi available in every bedroom
  • Over half of our rooms have been built or refurbished since 2009
  • As well as your study bedroom and shared kitchen, you will also be close to a range of facilities such as bars, cafés, dining halls, launderettes, secure bike sheds and common rooms and study areas

Room types and prices


Shared kitchen including a TV and sofas in Deluxe Constantine accommodation

BathroomCollegesPrice per weekPrice per year
Ensuite Constantine £139.23 £7100.73


A Premium Ensuite bedroom in Langwith

BathroomCollegesPrice per weekPrice per year
Shared Constantine, Goodricke £125.72 £6411.72
Ensuite Goodricke, Langwith, Wentworth £135.24 £6897.24


A Standard Shared Bathroom bedroom in Halifax

BathroomCollegesPrice per weekPrice per year
Shared Halifax £121.94 £6218.94
Ensuite Alcuin, Halifax £131.95 £6729.45


Economy Shared Bathroom accommodation on Fulford Road (part of Wentworth College)

BathroomCollegePrice per weekPrice per year
Shared Wentworth (Fulford Road) £103.11 £5258.61


You will be a member of one of our nine colleges throughout your time here. Nearly half of our postgraduate accommodation is in Wentworth, which is our dedicated graduate college.

Our colleges are much more than just halls of residence. As well as social, study and catering facilities, they also offer:

  • Support and guidance through a dedicated team of tutors and staff
  • Activities and events that bring together students, staff and alumni
  • Opportunities to meet new people and try new experiences

Although some departments are located within college buildings, you don’t need to apply for a particular college based on your course. Our campus location means that all our colleges are a short walk to our departments and teaching buildings.

Couples and family accommodation

Most of our rooms are for individual applicants, but we have some studio flats and houses available for students wishing to live with their partner and/or children. These aren't guaranteed, but we will try our best to help you.

Application information

How and when to apply

Our guarantee

If you are a full-time postgraduate student paying overseas tuition fees and applying for a single room for the full academic year, you are guaranteed a booking if you accept an unconditional course place and apply for accommodation by 12 noon on Friday 7 August 2015.

Please submit all required documentation for the conditions of your course offer by Friday 31 July 2015.

We can't guarantee accommodation for UK and EU postgraduate students, but all those who applied in 2014/15 for a single room for the full letting period received a room booking.

Let length

All of our postgraduate accommodation is available for a 51-week let length.

Any questions?

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