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The city walls.

Exchanges and short courses

If you'd like to get a taste of studying and living in the UK then York is a great choice.

You'll get to study at a highly-rated UK university with an international reputation for teaching and research excellence. You'll also get to experience life in our beautiful and historic city, regularly voted one of the best cities to live in and visit in the UK.

Join us on a study exchange

You'll be fully integrated into the academic and social life of the University during a period of full-time supervised study. We'll guide you through the process from choosing a course to applying.

Take part in a short course

If you're looking for a shorter period of study, our summer schools and short courses provide an excellent opportunity to get a flavour of York life. We welcome applications from individual students as well as groups and we're always interested in exploring new partnerships with universities around the world.

Country-specific opportunities

If you're from Norway

The Norwegian Study Centre at York is the only permanent study centre based in the UK for students from Norwegian universities and colleges and teachers of English in Norway.

If you're from Brazil

York has been selected as one of the UK universities participating in the Brazilian government's Science without Borders scheme, which enables Brazilian students to receive a scholarship to study in the UK.

Centre for Global Programmes

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"York is safe and quiet enough to concentrate on your work, but big enough to enjoy yourself outside of your academic life.

There are lots of beautiful historical spots, nice cafes and restaurants, and pubs in town, and it’s a good location to travel throughout the UK.

If you want a good academic environment, in a fun and interesting city, York is the place for you.”

Miyuki, Japan