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Our accommodation will give you more than just a hall of residence - all students are allocated membership to one of our colleges and through it you will very quickly make lots of friends in a supportive environment.

Each college has its own distinctive identity, atmosphere, facilities and history. The college you are placed in depends on a range of criteria, such as your room preference and the date you accept your place, but whichever college becomes yours, you'll be part of a community for life.

Take a look at our colleges and get a flavour of college life at York


Alcuin College

Alcuin promotes enterprise and celebrates its spirit of adventure and innovation. The Departments of Economics, Health Sciences and Social Policy and Social Work are based here.


Goodricke College

Goodricke students have a pioneering spirit, demonstrated by being the first residents of the campus expansion on Heslington East, in a beautiful new building.


Langwith Exterior

Langwith is one of the University's two oldest colleges however in 2012 it was relocated to a brand new development on the Heslington East campus. The college has a reputation for artistic links and a strong community spirit.


Constantine College

Opened in September 2014, Constantine prides itself on being the "greenest" college, made from sustainable sources and minimising energy-wastage. The college takes its name from the emperor Constantine (272-337) who was proclaimed Augustus here in York.


Halifax College

Halifax is the largest college and focuses on active living, sport, creativity and leadership. A comprehensive programme of transferable skills initiatives and opportunities helps its students become academic, community and business leaders of tomorrow.


Vanbrugh College

Vanbrugh is renowned for attracting those keen on making music, and getting involved with practical activities and workshops. With all the facilities of a bustling central college with live music in the bar twice a week, contrasted with the peace and quiet of Vanbrugh's college home, 'The Warren', Vanbrugh has something for everyone. 


Derwent College

Derwent is one of the oldest colleges. It is famous for its annual party, Big D, the largest student event on campus. It houses the Departments of Politics and Philosophy.


James College

James College celebrates the diversity of its students and offers a wide range of opportunities including a photography programme and award-winning sports teams. Our students enjoy lakeside views, landscaped quads and access to a café, dining hall, cocktail bar and numerous social and study spaces.


Wentworth College

Wentworth is the postgraduate college and has many facilities to support them, including the Graduate Students Association. The Department of Sociology is located here.