Located next to Heslington village, mid-way between Heslington East and West campuses, Halifax College is the largest and most diverse college of the University. Our beautiful setting, location and membership give Halifax College a unique atmosphere of a thriving student village.

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Active Living & Sport

Halifax is known throughout campus for its sporting prowess. Our teams perform consistently well in inter-college tournaments, with Halifax football team winning the College Cup for four years in a row. During 2015/16 the college continues to offer activities that support our teams as well as help players to become college community leaders and to develop valuable skills that will benefit them off as well as on the pitch.
However, sport in Halifax College is about much more than just college teams. We use informal sport activities and matches to establish a community spirit within the college and to ensure that our students form friendships with their peers from as diverse backgrounds as possible. In addition to more traditional sports the college organises a range of active living and well-being activities from Yoga and Aerobics classes to dance nights and from hikes to white water rafting trips.

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Our mission is to make Halifax College members society leaders of tomorrow. With a wide range of diverse opportunities we make sure that all our students develop important leadership, study and employability skills while pursuing their degrees. In addition to supporting our active Students Association and ad hoc groups of students interested in organising college activities, in 2015/16 our Leadership programmes will include Leadership Houses, College Skills Programme and Halifax Interest Groups. By participating in these programmes our students gain skills and improve their employability outside the traditional classroom setting and, often, without even realising that they are doing anything special.

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New: Leadership Houses

In 2015 we are entering year two of our unique programme of Leadership Houses - residential learning communities built around shared interests where students live and learn together. These communities are designed to encourage students’ growth and enhance their academic and social experience as they make the transition into University life.

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Creativity & Innovation

We are committed in making our college a platform for students creativity and innovation. From 2015/16 the college will be starting a number of arts competitions to add to its craft classes and exciting Innovation Challenges programme. Most importantly, however, we believe that the college should support its students in being innovative and creative by providing support and mentoring for student-led initiatives.

More than others, this is the Halifax College theme that will be developed by you and we are excited about where you will take us!

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