Virtual Private Network - VPN

The University of York Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection that allows your computer to access the University network when you are off campus. You can access services such as:

  • Filestores
  • Restricted web apps - applications which normally require you to be on campus to use them eg SITS
  • Terminal sessions - SSH sessions to machines on campus and also remote desktop sessions to Windows machines
  • Licence servers - enables use of applications that require access to the University's licence servers

Please note: you no longer need to use the VPN to access the Library’s electronic resources from off campus. For more information on accessing these resources, please visit the E-resources Guide.

Getting started

The recommended method for connecting to the VPN is to use an application called Junos Pulse. The instructions for setting up and using Junos Pulse are provided via the links shown below.


Note: Junos Pulse is also available for iOS and Android devices from the appropriate app store. Configuration of the iOS and Android apps is almost identical to the OS X and Windows versions.
It is not currently possible to connect in this way from Chromebooks. Chromebook users will need to use the Web VPN method (see below).

Alternative method of using the VPN

You can also use the VPN web page to access some network services. It provides a quick way to access files or view restricted web pages:

It will not be suitable for everyone, but may be useful if you can't install Junos Pulse.

Please note that:

  • not all websites are supported
  • the file browser does not allow you to drag and drop your files

Setup guides